Stunning diary on redstate rec-list

It's been a rather busy time recently, with the auto companies, Blago, and Minnesota, but something else has happened, something truly shocking.  Some of us occasionally check out what the opposition is saying, but I personally limit myself to redstate (I checked what freerepublic was saying on November 4th and my eyes started to bleed, my bowels failed, and I woke up 2 days later in a puddle of my own vomit.  Lesson learned).  But on redstate, occasionally seemingly rational discussion seems to occur.  Today, something truly rational hit their rec list:

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Just get it out of your systems already

I was an Obama supporter from the start.  But that didn't mean I didn't respect John Edwards.  I believe that just as Hillary Clinton made Obama a better campaigner, Edwards made both of them step up to the plate back in the early days when the front-runners were content to tread water.  Obama was content to speak in grand, vague terms, and while Clinton's speeches were more concrete, she was just saying the same thing every Democrat says when gunning for the big job (the economy, healthcare, education, etc.)  Edwards however, he decided to talk about poverty.  Yeah, Democrats are always there for the middle class, but what about the poor?  What have we done as a nation for the most vulnerable recently?  This is a man who kicked off his campaign in New Orleans, a city ravaged not just by a hurricane, but by government indifference.

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Obama winning EC 328-210!

So, I'm sure all of you have noticed that Obama is now winning the electoral college 328-210 in the counter on the main page.  How has he gotten this far ahead, after months of trailing by large margins on this site's counter?  Well, the curious methodology of this site had previously given us such odd results as Obama losing New York while winning North Dakota, but that can't entirely explain it.

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WV, MT, and SD delegate predictions

A while back I broke down the likely delegate splits in Oregon and in Kentucky, now I'll take a look at the remaining states West Virginia, Montana, and South Dakota.

I'll start with West Virginia, which has 28 delegates to award on May 13.  They break down as follows (from the Green Papers:

  • 10 delegates by statewide total

    • 7 At-Large delegates

    • 3 PLEO delegates

  • 18 district delegates

    • 6 delegates to WV-01

    • 6 delegates to WV-02

    • 6 delegates to WV-03

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Kentucky Delegate Predictions

Yesterday I gave Oregon a try, today I'll try Kentucky, which votes on the same day.

Kentucky has 51 pledged delegates to award on its May 20 contest.  They break down as follows (from the Green Papers:

  • 17 delegates by statewide total

    • 11 At-Large delegates

    • 6 PLEO delegates

  • 34 district delegates

    • 5 delegates to KY-01

    • 5 delegates to KY-02

    • 8 delegates to KY-03

    • 5 delegates to KY-04

    • 5 delegates to KY-05

    • 6 delegates to KY-06

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Oregon Delegate Predictions

Oregon has 52 pledged delegates to award on its May 20 contest.  They break down as follows (from the Green Papers:

  • 18 delegates by statewide total

    • 12 At-Large delegates

    • 6 PLEO delegates

  • 34 district delegates

    • 7 delegates to OR-01

    • 5 delegates to OR-02

    • 9 delegates to OR-03

    • 7 delegates to OR-04

    • 6 delegates to OR-05

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