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    Mydd could never sustain the level of activity it had during the primaries.  It became a sort of haven for the Clinton supporters that were run off of dailykos and other sites, and because of that, less intelligent trolls saw it as an opportunity.  Sites like hillaryis44 and noquarter basically took over the rec list here for months.  With the end of the primary wars, mydd went back to the way it always was.

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    What a week!  How close are we in New Hampshire?

  • I look forward to Penn getting back to acting one day.  We need a third Harold and Kumar movie!

    In the meantime though, I am happy for Penn.

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    Pawlenty says he won't sign anything until all appeals are exhausted.  The US Senate seriously needs to consider provisionally seating Franken already.

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    Republicans seem pretty confident that 2010 is going to give them some massive gains.  I think they'll be the only ones surprised when Democrats extend their majorities even more.  We're already looking solid for 3-6 gains in the Senate, and a half dozen pickups in the House.

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    What a helpful comment.

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    Obama won Florida.  Just saying.  I think Meek can too.

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    Solid diary.  Too often people get caught up in myopic views of very, very complicated issues such as the I/P debates.  It is difficult for many people to see the big picture.  There are no easy solutions, and both sides have very good reasons to be pissed off at the other side basically forever.  By now, the Palestinians must know that they can't destroy Israel.  Israel likewise must know by now that they can't pummel the Palestinians into non-existence.  Any solution must involve seeing both sides compromise, but certain issues are just too loaded to lend themselves to that.

  • They should have thrown out the 2000 presidential election because it was too close and did a re-vote.


  • Mydd can use a bit of variety on the rec list.

    Despite the instinctual fear people have of polyandry just turning into forced marriages like what happens in those splinter fundamentalist Mormon groups, the reality is that polyandry only reflects the fact that a very large number of people are simply not monogamous, and happily so.

  • I did not make any brush strokes against ALL whites.  I merely said that racism continues to be a problem, in particular racial resentment by SOME whites (instead of outright racial superiority feelings, which were more a problem of the past).

    I'm tired of people telling me to progress beyond race, or to stop talking about it, as if that alone will make the problem go away.

    Yes, the vast majority of white people are good people.  As is the same with every other ethnicity.  I shouldn't even have to say this.

    But I've witnessed enough white resentment and other sentiments that I consider it a problem.

    Coming from a white guy.

  • White resentment continues to be a problem in this country and I figure it will only get worse with Obama as president.  I can't tell you how often I heard from people that Obama only got elected because he was black, they honestly believe that it is easier for minorities to get elected than for Caucasians (even though the list of minorities elected in majority white districts is a pretty slim one).  These are the kinds of people that get upset over Black History month and demand a White History month, and ask rhetorically why we can't have an association for the advancement of white people, thinking they're being so clever.

    There is a surprisingly widespread belief that the entire recession was caused by black people getting mortgages they couldn't afford.  People like Rush Limbaugh will continue to fan these kinds of sentiments, especially while Obama is president.

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    It's about effing time to start decriminalizing drugs.  Obama of all people should know that locking up drug users is counterproductive and immoral.  I know he is held back politically, but small steps are possible.  Hopefully this appointment is such a step.

  • Anh Cao knows he is a one-term wonder, why should he bother trying to get his district to like him?

  • We're never going to get anywhere until we learn the lessons of Prohibition.  Only this time the devastation is happening on other countries so Americans can turn a blind eye to it.  International pressure is going to have to come from Central and South America until we finally get our heads out of our butts and deal with drugs in a sensible manner.


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