I Apologize to the AZ Democratic Party

This isn't really a diary, but I want my mea culpa to be as public as possible.

I've been harping pretty hard on the Democratic Party for not taking advantage of early voting opportunities, as the GOP has been doing for years.

Well, today I received an early ballot request form from the AZ Democratic Party.

So here is my public apology to the AZ Democratic Party and to any and all at the DNC who helped such common sense GOTV politics come about. I'm sorry for thinking you were still so mired in past deficiencies.

Now if the DNC will only put an early voting link prominently on their webpage, humiliation will have never been more satisfying to me.

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Breach of a Duty of Reasonable Care at the DNC

Go to the RNC homepage and the first thing you see is a box to click for an early ballot.

Go to the DNC homepage and there isn't even a box for voter register (You have to go to the "ACTION" box and scroll down.)

The GOP site asks you to sign up and offers you a ballot. Another box directs interested people to party related activities. The DNC offers a cluttering of "Volunteer!" and "Contribute!" stuff which non-party folks couldn't care less about.

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FOX NEWZ: Foley is a Democrat!

See anything wrong with this graphic? The O'Reilly Factor ran it in not one, but two segments and posted it three times. I can understand if FOX and The Factor made an error the first time, but to post it repeatedly should be a firing offense, The most watched show on FOX News has now labeled the former Republican Congressman Mark Foley, who is in the middle of a sexual predator scandal that has Hastert's career on the ropes --a Democrat. Was it an error or done by choice? I report-you decide.

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

A few million gullible conservatives probably now think Foley is a Democrat. Hey! It worked with Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda and WMD. Why not here?

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GOP rewrites history: "MLK was a Republican."

Is there no lie Republicans won't tell?

Martin Luther King, Jr., was a Republican. That's the startling claim made in a new radio ad being aired in Maryland by a new group called the National Black Republican Association in its latest attempt to attract African Americans to the GOP. The ad -- which can be heard here -- features a dialogue between two women who are apparently African American. Among other things, they tell each other that Democrats founded the Ku Klux Klan and that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican -- a curious assertion immediately dismissed by King experts....

Apparently not.

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Olberman tears Bush another new one.

It doesn't surprise me that in a corporate media owned and operated by Republicans, Keith Olberman is the only news person to confront the Bush Regime with it's own sordid lies and disgusting truths when they all should be doing it. But why hasn't the Bushevik Right turned the full force of its smearing attack machine against him, as it has with every other who has had the temerity to criticize or even question anything about Bush?

Perhaps O'Reilly was the point man in the attack, sent out soften Olberman up with sneers and dismissals, but when he failed so miserably as to make a fool of himself, the others declined to step up and face Olberman's scathing sarcasm and rebuttals? For like any predatory gang, they are at heart cowards, afraid to attack anyone who hasn't first been frightened into the act of retreat.

Democrats, and especially liberals, should learn the lesson of this -- that when conservatives are slapped in their smug faces, they crumple like foil. They're so used to intimidating that, when challenged, they fall back on their heels in confusion. Thanks again, Mr. Olberman, for being one of the few honest -- and brave -- leaders this country has.

VA Senate: Allen, Webb, confronted with their racist, sexist, words on MTP.

I never watch Meet The Press. But while channel surfing on Sunday night I came across a debate between George Allen and Jim Webb. Since a lot of people who post on this blog have informed me (in less than friendly language) that Webb is a "progressive" (despite ads which prominently feature Reagan in word and image) I decided to listen to him since he was the one Russert happened to be grilling.

Well, it turns that in 1979 Webb wrote an article from which Russert quoted him saying:

"No benefit can come to anyone from women serving in combat. ... Their presence at institutions dedicated to the preparation of men for combat command is poisoning that preparation. By attempting to sexually sterilize the Naval Academy environment in the name of equality, this country has sterilized the whole process of combat leadership training, and our military forces are doomed to suffer the consequences. ...

"I have never met a woman, including the dozens of female midshipmen I encountered during my recent semester as a professor at the Naval Academy, whom I would trust to provide those men with combat leadership."

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Obama at it again...Throws Democrats to the wolves on live TV.

Crossposted at Daily Kos.

Today on the Situation Room, self-hating Democrat Sen. Barak Obama was tossed a softball question by Wolf Blitzer.....

BLITZER: And joining us now from Capitol Hill, Senator Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois.

We'll get to politics, we'll get to some other issues in a moment, Senator. But what about this Republican effort right now to paint not only you, but almost all Democrats as weak on terror? In the words of one House Republican leader, "more interested in protecting terrorists than the American public"?

How are you going to fight back on that?

Did Obama the Great fight back by leading off with words to this effect?

"Wolf, that's just a scurrilous lie to deflect the truth and attention from a party that has no solutions to the problems it has itself caused."


Wolf, The Bush administration has turned Iraq into a haven and training academy for terrorists. If anyone should be answering questions about helping terrorists, it is the president and his advisers."


Wolf, Republican House Majority Leader Boehner and Republican Speaker Hastert know they are about to lose their jobs and are just proving that they will say anything, no matter how ridiculous, to try and hold on to them."

OK....enough teasing. What really were the first and most important words out of the mouth of Obama the Annointed in order to fight back???

SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D), ILLINOIS: Well, first of all, I hope they didn't say it about me personally.....

In fairness, Obama the Demslayer did go on to give a milquetoast talking point response...

This is the usual routine that the Republicans have trotted out before every election. And the question is, is it going to work a third time despite the irrefutable evidence that the policy in Iraq that they pursued has failed, that Afghanistan is getting worse, that every intelligence officer that you talk to and every objective observer that you talk to would indicate that we actually have more active terrorists around the world than we did at the time of 9/11.

But by then the damage had been done (never mind the "the question is, is it going to work" part -- Just say "it isn't going to work", Dummy!)
Who's going to remember all those those big words of his after Obama the Terrible led off by saying, in effect....."Well, first of all, I hope they were saying it about Democrats other than me!"

Slam sham! Thank you again, Obam!

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An Election Day Carol

My wife and I took our four year old with us to vote today. I guess they don't see kids much at the polling place because as we signed in and got our ballots the poll workers (all elderly) started oohing and aahing and popping questions at her. When she told one of them her yellow dress was a present for her birthday, they asked her when it was. When she said, "Tomorrow," They all sang Happy Birthday to her (the polling place was for two precincts, so it was a ten person chorus.)

When I got my ballot, I took her to a booth and let her use the magic marker to fill in where I told her to. Then I let her put the ballot into the scanner which sucked it out of her hand lickity-split. She had a blast voting and I think is well on her way to becoming a good citizen.  It was the most unique voting experience I'll probably ever have.

PS... She also asks me about Bush a lot -- especially his childhood. I try not to be too strong worded in my truth telling about him, but on the way home today she asked why he is such a bad man who lies and hurts people. I said I didn't know why some people are bad and asked her not to talk about Bush in her Pre-K class.

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A Republican wolf in Democratic clothing.

I must confess to being remiss. I've been paying attention to everyone's primaries  but my own. So with primary day upon me here in AZ I decided I'd better get on the stick and decide who to vote for.

First, I looked at my sample ballot and read the blurbs about them in the voters guide. There was no problem identifying their party affiliation since they were grouped that way, but the one paragraph bios were inadequate to make a decision upon, so I started googling them to learn more.

When I googled "slade meade/ superintendent education" the link to his site says "Republican party candidate seeking election." Wha???

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Take this "9/11" and shove it.

I'm sick of "9/11". I'm sick of politicians and politicos using it to score points on each other. I'm sick of the corporate media exploiting and profiting from it on a daily basis. I'm sick of NeoCons and NeoDems using it to foment one immoral and disastrous war after another.

Don't just boycott Path To 9/11.

Boycott "9/11" altogether.

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