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    Pay no attention to the blog nanny.

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    Don't be a blog nanny. People put stuff like this up here all the time and no one cares. The laid back atmosphere and lack of overriding control isone of the things which make this blog more pleasant and fun than some.

  • Thanks.

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    You'd think the other networks would be eager to expose Fox's lies to the entire world.

  • The NYTimes wanted me to purchase their product in order to read the article, so I'll take your word.

  • I am in favor of playing dirty in every way, shape, and form, everything except outright cheating.  If the other side plays dirty and we don't, we lose.

    The GOP's favorite argument is "They're both the same."  When they convince voters that there is no difference between the parties (and it's too often true), Democrats lose.

    If the Democratic Party becomes the party of scrupulous honesty and fairness and represents the people rather than moneyed interests, it won't need dirty politics to wax the GOP in every election.

    Gerrymandering is a cancer on our democracy and I for one will never countenance it.

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    Thanks for your friendly reply.

  • I am also deeply disturbed by the reports out today suggesting that the House leadership ignored or possibly covered up Congressman Foley's indefensible behavior.  These reports demand a full, independent investigation to determine exactly how the House leadership responded to the concerns that were raised about Congressman Foley's contacts with young pages.

    Leave it to the guy who stabbed his own Democratic president in the back to now give his GOP friends a free pass until AFTER the election.

    Just to be fair

    Fair to Lieberslime??? Give us a break!!!

  • There will first need to be an accounting with democrats who openly support Liebershit. Then an accounting with those who are sitting on their hands.

  • If I could, I would drive Lieberscum into the GOP with a cat-o-ninetails. Any benefit of having him in the Democratic Party is far outweighed by the damage he does. And as a Republican he would be forced to stab Democrats from the front rather than the back.

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    Demrock6: The key on who wins this race is: Alan Schlesinger.

    Hesiod Theogeny: Lamont can self finance.

    There is wisdom in both of these remarks. Perhaps Democrats should dump a ton of money onto Schlesinger in order to counteract the ton of money the GOP is dumping onto Lieberscum?

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    Chris Bowers overestimates the likelihood that Senate committees under the control of Democrats would do any meaningful investigations of the Bush Regime anyway. From that aspect, whether Lieberbum chairs a committee or not is almost irrelevant.

    The real damage will occur if Lieberman is rewarded with a committee chair or ranking member status by Senate Democrats should he win.

    First, it would have a devastating effect on the morale of the grassroots going into the 2008 campaign. What incentive would ordinary Democrats have to support a political establishment which openly rewarded Lieberbum's betrayal of them?

    Second, it would be the death blow to the primary system. What incentive will any incumbent have to accept defeat in his or her primary if an independent candidacy is rewarded in the end? For that matter, what incentive would anyone who's been defeated have to accept it and bow out when Republicans are willing to finance them and split the Democratic vote?

    And what incentive would Democratic voters have to participate in a primary system that is a waste of their time?

    If Lieberman wins, it will be an unmitigated disaster for ordinary Democrats who are on the verge of implementing real change through primary challenges of bad Democrats, but a blessing for incumbents who will no longer feel bound by primary results and can expect to be rewarded for disregarding the wishes of those who vote in them.

  • As a loyal Democrat, I've had plenty of issues with Landrieu's voting record, but as she comes up for re-election in 2008, her political position is extremely precarious.

    Don't worry about Bloody Mary. By 2008 she'll have already switched parties. She already votes with her Republican sympaticos anyway, so the betrayal will be barely noticable.

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    First let's hope Lieberrat's ship sinks on Nov. 7. But if it doesn't the thought of him caucusing with Democrats makes my skin crawl. The GOP is more than welcome to his treacherous ass.


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