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    This makes me wonder if Warner has some bones rattling in his closet and if the Foley Follies have put him in a precarious position.

  • A smart move would be to make advertisements supporting the Republican ticket.  "Republicans DO have a choice in Novmeber.  Vote the Republican Party ticket."

    If Lamont did that openly it would be suicide. It would have to be  an "independent" group with shadowy finances like the swifboaters or "Americans for Jobs, Healthcare and Progressive Values"  producing and airing the ads or giving money to Schweitzer to do it.

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    It's one thing for Republicans to say they support JoeMo when polled over the phone. But will they actually turn out to vote for him when their own party is in such a crisis of depression? That could be missing ingredient in all of these polls.

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    Yeah. To be embarrassed once must first have a conscience.

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    It's amazing that this is who controls our political discourse.

    They only control the discourse of those who allow them to.

    Democrats have grown too accustomed to it.

    Today on MSNBC I saw a typical "debate" in the corporate media....

    Moderator introduces Republican first then the Democrat and  says: "Mr./Ms Republican, let me ask you first...."

    Republican spends two minutes disgorging his prepared talking points.

    Moderator: "How do you respond to that Mr./Ms. Democrat?

    Democrat responds to GOP talking points for two minutes.

    Moderator: Now, let me ask you Mr./Ms. Democrat......

    Democrat disgorges prepared talking points for one minute, at which time Republican breaks in and begins to talk over him/her. Moderator remains silent, screen splits to show Republican blathering away while Democrat has "How rude!" look on his/her face. Screen then goes soley to Republican who finishes attacking Democrats uninterrupted by Democrat present.

    Moderator: We're almost out of time, so I'm going to give you the last word Mr./Ms. Republican....

    Republican attacks Democrats and rewrites history simutaneously for one minute. moderator then thanks both on split screen and Democrat figuratively says, "Thank you for the ass-whipping."

    Where do Democrats GET these people?

  • Don't call him an ass.

    Just be glad he left off the "hole".

  • Frontstabbing is what Democrats and Republicans do to each other, Backstabbling is what DCDems do to Democrats who aren't in their club.

  • If Democrats can't handle long and short term needs at the same time they might as well fold up the tent.

  • why can't these guys just keep it together for another 27 days and refrain from tarring one another in the press?

    In all fairness, When has Dean publicly criticized Rahm, Chuck, or any other Democrat since his 2004 presidential campaign?

    It certainly isn't fair to paint Dean with the same brush as they.

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    Democrats gerrymandered districts in their favor back when they were the dominant party for 40 years. But there comes a point of collapse where gerrymandering can't overcome manifest lies, incompetence, corruption, and misdeeds.

    And in 1994 not one pundit even predicted that the GOP would win control of either house of Congress, much less sweep all before them.

  • Two things I take exception with:

    1. Enough Whining...
    "Whining" is a Rush Limbaugh word for denouncing Democrats. Leave it to him, please.

    2. ...there's this energy that's here that's hot and cold and defeatist. Stop it right now!
    You might as well try to herd cats as tell people to "stop it" when it comes to expressing their opinions. And there's also that little matter of the First Amendment.

    Bush and the unAmerican Democrats who voted to do away with habeus corpus have temporarily circumvented the Constitution, but hopefully it will never happen here just for engaging in free, fair, and friendly discussion about the party of most, if not all, who frequent this blog.

    So "buck up" yourself and realize that discussing everything about the Democratic Party, good and bad, is good for the party -- whether an election is two years or two days away. We can't all wear pleated skirts and wave pom-poms while chanting, "Go, Team! Go!" And indeed, we shouldn't. We gain more credibility by NOT marching in lockstep.

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    With a few exceptions, a pretty depressing list.

    Don't expect them to confront Bush, NeoConism, or the corporatocracy at any turns where they can avoid it.

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    A very encouraging "ad" -- The GOP has sunk to the point of having to fight just to hold onto its most stupidest base voters.

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    By the sound of all the cutlery in use I doubt if anyone heard JoeBlow's duringdinner ramblings -- pass the salt please?

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    Whether or not NK detonated a nuke doesn't changed the failed cowboy diplomacy of Bush and his Neocon keepers.

    NK just keeps piling up plutonium because the NeoCons won't talk to governments they don't like --  and that's what matters in the long haul.


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