• Cutting and pasting unvarnished propaganda from the DLCC doesn't embarrass you?

  • Zell Miller was also once a darling of the DLC.

    http://www.dlc.org/ndol_ci.cfm?kaid=127& amp;subid=176&contentid=1796

    http://www.issues2000.org/Social/Zell_Mi ller_Principles_+_Values.htm

  • Its because the basic tendency of our most fervent (and probably least active) supporters is to blame our own leaders for the state of affairs ...

    I won't comment on your level of activity past or present since I can't possibly know anything about it (I call those who use it as a debate ploy "activist snobs"). The opposite tendency is for some to blame those who don't support or vote for Democrats for the party's failures rather than the party itself. But it's just plain silly to expect people to support any party or candidates when they don't feel represented by them. A party must come to the people -- not the other way around.

    Siktah, do you also think that if John Kerry had just stopped flip-flopping and taken a clear stand on abortion, gun control and against the war, we would have won the election?

    Since the election was probably stolen in OH, probably not. But, unlike Gore in 2000, Kerry was beaten in the popular vote nationwide --  and the pathetic political tendencies you cited were probably the reason he was outpolled by the worst president in history.

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    Great post. For once I have nothing to add.

  • The relevant question for rank-and-file Democrats is, when Bush gets around to his next phase of corporate welfare, how many Democrats in Congress (such as Bush's old reliables like Landrieu, Nelson, maybe DiFi) will vote for it -- and what will any of us do about it?

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    Monica Lindeen is exactly the kind of Democrat in a "red" state or district that DC Democrat insiders like Reid and Pelosi think it a waste of money to help.

    But if the party is to regain Congress, it is those Democratic candidates who must be helped to win. How many elections do the DCers have to lose before they figure out they've had it ass-backward all along with their 16-state-hold-on-to-incumbent-seats strategy?

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    Reid and Pelosi were against Dean from the start, so it's no wonder they're trying undercut him in the press. The last thing they and their D(L)C cohorts want is for Dean to successfully rebuild the party at the grassroots with newcomers who will owe allegiance to him. They'd rather lose elections than their grip on the machinery of power within the party. But they're dinosaurs who only think they can't keep the weather from changing.

  • But will they also stay at home on election day? It's quite possible for many if the moribund Democrats in Congress doesn't give them proactive and inspiring reasons to bother voting.

    Hint to DC Democrats: Voting for such things as making the Unpatriotic Act permanent won't cut it.

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    A comment on the Unpatriot Act and the 34 Bushocrats who voted to make it permanent fits in no place when MYDD chooses to ignore it. Burying heads in the sand won't make the ongoing problem of the Democratic Party not representing its constituents go away.

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    about the 34 Democrats who voted to make the Unpatriot Act permanent? There 's some serious denial going on here.

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    Don't try to sell the hackneyed old 'lesser of two weevils' line that the corrupt party bosses push. Support reform minded organizations like MoveOn and DemocracyForAmerica. Don't apologize for Dems who are in fact  junior varsity Republicans. Give time and money only to Democrats who advocate reform within the party and government.

    In short, don't just be a party line putz who does the bidding of the corrupt and incompetent and helps to perpetuate their sordid game.

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    Do people like you really think you can insult others into supporting candidates who are anathema to them? But, considering how bad many if not most Democrats are these days, I guess it's all you've got since there's nothing about them to praise or promote.

    You really want to win? Reform the party so that it represents people rather than dictates to them.

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    Those who don't even know their own party's sordid recent history are doomed to see it repeated. Will they be any more aware of it the next time? Probably not.

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    Spare us that same old lame canard..please? According to corrupt party hacks and their media minions, every election is the most desperate one ever.

    Instead of foisting party machine candidates upon Democrats and then saying the sky will fall if people don't fall in line, how about LETTING THE PEOPLE CHOOSE THEIR CANDIDATES FOR THE FALL ELECTIONS WITHOUT MANIPULATION??? Now there's a concept to ensure victory!

    As for the USSC, a solid Democratic Senate approved both Scalia and Thomas back in the 80's (Joe Biden chaired the Judiciary Comm. which let them pass). So anyone who thinks this weak livered lot of current Democratic leaders (who were serial capitulators to BushCo when they had the majority from 2001 to 2003) will do any differently needs to stop drinkng kool-aid and switch to strong black coffee.

    I'm not advocating that anyone not support or vote Democratic -- just asking that our intelligence not be insulted with the same old garbage-in-garbage-out every election cycle. And instead of regurgitating the party line......NEVER STOP DEMANDING REFORM.

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    I've always thought he's Republican.


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