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    From Joe's 2000 book "In Praise of Public Life" (found at a dollar store):
    "In 1976, in the wake of the Watergate scandal, Jimmy Carter came up with a wonderful one-liner insight about the relationship between the public and its elected leadership: The American people, he said, deserve a government as good as they are.
    Nearly a quarter century later, the American people still deserve as much, and they still do not have it. But my life in politics tells me they are closer to it than they think."
    If Joe really believed this in 2000, I don't see much evidence that he does today; ie his support for this administration & his own voting record.
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    They have to dig deep for the most minute "selling points".
    Went to a house party for Amy Kobuchar, running against Kennedy, Mon evening. Klobuchar house parties all over Minn with conference call with Klobuchar & John Edwards. House parties started up early (with good turnouts) this year & Klobuchar is 8 points ahead of Kennedy even before, as one Minn blogger said, all the facts about Kennedy are aired.
    Interesting talk at the house party. A former republican Minn gov when the names Bush, Pawlenty & others come up says, "disgraceful". I hope more former moderate republican legislators will not hesitate to say publicly they are not happy with the direction their party has taken. Moderate republican voters who feel their party has been taken over by extremists need to speak up & be heard too.
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    The blogosphere is getting a lot of attention lately, the "left-leaning" blogs. My antenna is buzzing. Rove says the internet for the "left" mobilizes hate & anger. Since the YearlyKos convention, I have noticed an upsurge in critical opinion pieces online & in print and increasing in intensity.
    Since I became aware of the net neutrality issue, I have thought that it is not only the corporate profit-making engine that is driving the train. I came upon a Jan 27/06 article in BBC news, "US Plans to Fight the Internet" by Adam Brookes, Pentagon correspondent. (news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4655196.st m). The first line in the piece is "Bloggers beware". The Pentagon plan (2003) signed by Rumsfeld is called "Informations Operations Roadmap". The words "fighting the internet" occur more than once in the plan.
    I may have missed seeing this aspect explored. What is mydd's & other blog's take on this?  


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