Edwards Evening News: Steamy Hot Adult Edition

My title made you look!

"...what I was trying to do was represent the grown-up wing of the Democratic Party last night."

-John Edwards to David Letterman, in reference to Monday night's Democratic debate.

That and so much more in tonight's Edwards Evening News.

John Edwards on FISA

This just in from Firedoglake:

In Washington today, telecom lobbyists have launched a full-court press to win retroactive immunity for their illegal eavesdropping on American citizens.  Granting retroactive immunity will let corporate law-breakers off the hook and hamstring efforts to learn the truth about Bush's illegal spying program.  

It's time for Senate Democrats to show a little backbone and stand up to George W. Bush and the corporate lobbyists.  They should do everything in their power -- including joining Senator Dodd's efforts to filibuster this legislation -- to stop retroactive immunity.  The Constitution should not be for sale at any price.

- John Edwards

Edwards on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

John Edwards was on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight. We have a clip, thanks to NCDem Amy:

Edwards on CNN tonight

Edwards was also on CNN tonight. Here's another clip, again, thanks to Amy:

Edwards Barnstorms South Carolina

Edwards is doing a barnstorm tour of South Carolina right now.

Today, on the first stop of his "Back Roads, Back Home Barnstorm," Senator John Edwards explained why it matters for the American people to have a president who understands their way of life, and how, as the only candidate born and raised in South Carolina, he will fight for hard-working Americans in the Palmetto State and across America.


"We need a president of the United States who actually understands you're life. It's one thing to fly into South Carolina from someplace else, give a speech, go to a debate and then fly back out. It is a very different thing to have lived here, to have grown up in this part of the country and to understand in a personal way what's happening in you lives," Edwards said at the Bennettsville event. "I do - I know what it's like to go to Friday night high school football games, I played in a few of them myself, to go to church on Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night--that's the way of life, that's our way of life. It's how I grew up.

Maybe he found a pitchfork with which to jab his rivals in one of those barns.

Edwards on Clinton:

And I know, for example, Senator Clinton was here on Monday night for the debate that we had in Myrtle Beach. I hope some of you got to see the debate.  But then right after the debate she flew out and she's been gone and she won't be back until I don't know-later in the week or until Primary Day. And the question is, if she's not going to spend time here the week before the South Carolina primary, what do you think the chances are she's coming back after the primary? And what are the chances she's coming back when she's President of the United States?

Edwards on McCain:

We've seen what's happening here in South Carolina with the unemployment rate going up, 6,000 jobs lost last month, and then John McCain said just a few days ago that the economy actually is doing fine, that we're not headed into a recession, the fundamentals were strong and remain strong. He needs to come to Bennettsville and see what's actually happening in the real world - because out here in the real world people are struggling.

Fresno Bee endorses Edwards

Today, the Fresno Bee, California's sixth largest newspaper, endorsed John Edwards. They cited his solutions for the middle class and said he has an opportunity in upcoming states.

Here's an excerpt from the endorsement:

Edwards has been out in front in offering solutions to the nation's economic problems, even before the administration realized the depth of the current crisis. His plan includes a $25 billion economic package that would invest in clean energy, expand unemployment benefits, help states that are cash-strapped and establish a "home rescue fund" to keep homes out of foreclosure. His plan could grow to $100 billion if the economy doesn't turn around.

We supported Edwards four years ago in the Democratic primary because he offered a real opportunity to bridge a nation that has been divided along class lines. That need has only increased under the current administration, and we think Edwards, with his populist message, offers a change for the better.

Edwards wins Lou Dobbs poll on the Economy

Yesterday's Lou Dobbs poll results as of 9:47 AM Eastern this morning (screen shot from the Lou Dobbs web site):

It's Time South Carolina Rediscovers John Edwards

That's the title of an excellent op-ed in the Charleston City Paper today by Will Moredock

But there is another Democrat whom we hear less about these days, yet he stands head and shoulders above Clinton and Obama. I speak, of course, of John Edwards.

Edwards is the first genuine populist in decades to have a serious chance of being president. He has built his following by talking about the "two Americas," rich and poor, and the "moneyed interests" and "entrenched corporate power" that have a "stranglehold on our democracy."

Edwards Hits The Talk Show Circuit

Last night, John Edwards appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. If you missed it, here's the video.

The shocking part is, Edwards let Dave mess up his hair!

Here's part of the show that's destined to make history:

(h/t to Plutonium Page for the graphic!)

Edwards will also be on the Tyra Banks show on Friday. There's a preview of that interview in the CNN clip earlier in this diary. Check local listings.

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Re: Edwards Evening News: Steamy Hot Adult Edition

Great clips tonight, as always.  The Edwards-Olbermann tag-team on Bill O'Reilly is devastating!

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When I saw this at Dkos...

I thought I was going to see this!

"Edwards girl"?

At least she seems smart. And she has buttons.


Here is the link

From the "About This Video"

This is my answer to the uh, "Obama Girl"...lol...granted, not quite the production value, because of the budget differences...how ironic...
we are not voting for a rock star people (um, and JRE is cool too with fabulous hip supporters)...we are voting for the president of our country...it's not about the first this or that...its about the BEST....John Edwards...the clear choice...
be sure to listen for my parrot's backround vocals..lol

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