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    Really embarassing sometimes to read such juvenile posts from a front-pager. You would expect more thorough analysis. Ugh

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    Matt, you're really getting old. Typical of you to lay every blame on Schumer. There are many polls out there with different takes, but tell me if you wouldn't rather have a Democrat leading Santorum at this stage in the race. Almost unheard of for a senate challenger this year. Like it or not, Casey is our best shot. I guess you would rather have a rightwing hack like Santorum back in the senate, right?

    So yeah, keep on doing what you do best. Whine.

  • You seem to attack Webb without actually talking about Miller's candidacy. Why is that?

    And as to Webb not attending the two committee meetings you wanted him to attend (presumably in your area if I'm right) you even admit that you don't know whether he has attended other committee meetings elswhere in Virginia. And your dismissal of the Progressive Democrats meeting with Webb yesterday speaks volumes about you. Looks like they don't meet your criteria for a Democratic organization worth spending time with.

    I'm sure Mr Webb will meet with a lot of local Democratic committees as his campaign gets rolling. There are many scheduling events that a nascent campaign needs to plan for, and I'm sure they would handle them as they come.

  • I don't understand your dislike for Mr. Webb either. Its not like he's one perferct, pure candidate or anything, and neither is Mr Miller from what I've read.

    Mr Webb officially entered the race last week. Yesterday, he met with the Progressive Democrats of Virginia, a very tough crowd to please, but he came out looking strong and was very much appreciated from what I've been told by friends who were at the event.

    Give the man a chance to campaign before you continue with your harsh judgements against him. We need both Miller and Webb to fight against George Allen. The better candidate will win, but there's absolutely no need for such unnecessary dismissal of Webb as you seem to be doing.

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    How often do we get these on the progressive blogs?
    Its been Hackett/Brown mania this past week.

    Hopefully, this becomes a continuing refreshing call-to-action trend.

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    Forget about the DSCC. At this point, Sherrod Brown has his work cut for him. He has has to work aggresively to win back disgruntled Hackett and netroot supporters. The burden is on him.

    This is becoming a political fiasco, and I lay the blame solely on the DSCC, and not on Sherrod Brown or Paul Hackett.

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    If it's McCain, its gonna be very very tough for a Dem candidate in the general election. Allen on the other hand is just an empty suit, but fortunately for us he appeals to the right wing base, which is a good thing. :-)

    Allen would get clobbered under very close scrutiny. Hey, we should all wish Allen wins their nomination, eh?

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    It's very sobering when I read that. If we work extremely hard, we may gain 15 or more seats this year.

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    Remember, the Democrats went into the Alito hearings with no clear strategy, and no wonder they flopped. The burden in these NSA hearings should be on the Democrats to redeem themselves. I'm not too confident this will happen.

    Read "Current thoughts on the NSA scandal" by Glenn Greenwald.


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    Jon, you are giving Specter too much credit for essentially having done nothing. Watch these hearings produce nothing of relevance and fall of the radar screen within a week because Specter's allegiance is to the GOP, and not to the country.

    Another reason why Democrats have to regain control of Congress.

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    Anyone have an idea of the polls in this district as the elections are only a month away?

    Cuellar no matter what has to go.

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    "Democrats are not going to win elections until they can reassure people they are going to keep them safe."

    This statement alone tells a lot about Vilsack's political character. He is as weak as they come. Typical weakling reinforcing GOP talking points.

    Cross him off my list..he was low there anyway.

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    We need to galvanize voters, give them a reason to vote Democrat, and a surefire in-your-belly mesage that would drive people to the polls.

    We still have time to craft a powerful vote-getting national message.

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    Not because I don't find it serious. Rather, it's funny the way there's truth to what you are saying. Dems generally would capitulate when they are bullied by the Repubs, as they usually do when the MSM colludes with the Repubs in attacking the Dems as a party of no ideas.

    I remember the same scenario last year when the Dems had all these predictions that we'd take control of the House. Have the Democrats learnt valuable campaign strategy lessons from last year's utter defeat? The jury is still out.

    One thing I can say proudly though is that I'm more confident with Dean as party chair that the Dems are not going to roll over as much as they did before, even maybe pummeling the Repubs to death next year.

    Oh, one can hope, and I'm hoping for change in 2006.

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    Less than a month left, but this race is not front paged here at all. The latest Rasmussen poll is 44-46 for Kilgore over Kaine.

    Volunteers and internet buzz will really help Kaine's campaign. GOTV is crucial.


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