MI and FL re-vote

Here's a proposal, not sure if it's been suggested before (but I haven't seen it):

Why not have a second vote and only allow people who didn't vote the first time. Add those votes to the original tallies and that's your new total.

In the case of MI, since Obama's name wasn't on the ballot the first time, take the uncommitted votes from round 1, skim off some percentage (maybe 10%) to account for what would have been votes going to Edwards and the others. The rest (and overwhelming majority) of the uncommitted would then be Obama's. Add that to the new Obama vote to get Obama's total. Add Hillary's new to Hillary's original and that's her total.

Whoever wins, wins.
Everybody gets a chance to vote.

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Nader on Hardball - Pro Edwards / Anti Obama

Ok progressives, check out Hardball tonight. Ralph Nader has just stated that Edwards has the most progressive position and one that appeals to him (did not explicitly endorse however). On Obama, he stated that Obama has excluded himself from being progressive and that Obama supports the position of those with concentrated wealth.

Any other questions as to why Edwards is better than Obama?  Perhaps Ralphie would run against Obama if he's the nominee.

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