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    When my husband starts moaning about our taxes, I always tell him that the good news is that we can AFFORD it.  I'd rather be paying the government than have to go to the government for support.

    And I'd also rather spend my money on stuff like infrastructure, security, etc than another pair of jeans I don't need.

    While government doesn't always spend our tax dollars very efficiently (which is actually his biggest gripe, and which is a fair point), the answer is to work to improve government systems, not  to argue that it's somehow morally superior to starve the beast/drown it in the bathtub/whatever.


  • Yes, it is quite unfortunate that Establishment, old-time liberal NYC Dems like Green are appropriating the "progressive" label.  Too bad we can't trademark it (or at least force Green to use truth-in-advertising).

    Hey -- I wonder if that would be a good diary, the evolution from "liberal" to "progressive," and what widespread use of that terminology means for pursuing progressive policies.  Oh Chris......


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    We think alike -- I've written several comments to this effect over on Kos today!  NYS politics are appalling -- a bunch of infantilized politicians who are more than happy with the "3 men in a room" system, as long as they get their perks; they get off a whole lot more on playing inside baseball games than actually governing!

    I know of at least one other Senate candidate whom the "leadership" (including Spitzer's folks) rebuffed when he approached them for support -- but hey, Spitzer "endorsed" him, so wasn't that enough....? (That and $3 would get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.)

    I really despair of a bunch of pols who represent a great argument for term limits.

    Calling Dr Dean -- New Yorkers who actually care about our state care need you!!!


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    Ok folks, sharpen your pencils and lambast this sleezy behavior! (C'mon, you know the reactionary right would do it if it were a Dem... It's time to take a page from their playbook!)
    Here they are:
    George V. Voinovich, Ohio, Chairman
    Pat Roberts, Kansas
    Craig Thomas, Wyoming
    Harry Reid, Nevada, Vice Chairman
    Daniel Akaka, Hawaii
    Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas

    email forms are thru the website, http://www.senate.gov.

    And who knows? Maybe there's at least a scintilla of a violation, ESPECIALLY if the teachers provided free services:

    The word ``gift'' is defined broadly and includes any ``item having monetary value.'' Specifically,
    paragraph 2(b)(1) of the Rule states:
    [T]he term ``gift'' means any gratuity, favor, discount, entertainment, hospitality, loan,
    forbearance, or other item having monetary value. The term includes gifts of services,
    training, transportation, lodging, and meals, whether provided in kind, by purchase of a
    ticket, payment in advance, or reimbursement after the expense has been incurred.
    By its terms, Rule 35 covers current Members, officers, and employees of the Senate (¶
    1(a)(1) and (2)). Unlike the previous Rule 35, spouses and dependents are not separately subject
    to the gift limitations. Rather, under the current Rule, a gift to a family member (or any other
    individual) is considered a gift to the Member, officer, or employee only if it is given with the
    knowledge and acquiescence of the Member, officer, or employee and the Member, officer, or
    employee has reason to believe the gift was given because of the official position of the Member,
    officer, or employee.
    From the Senate Ethics Manual, http://ethics.senate.gov/downloads/pdffiles/manual.pdf.  

    Even if it's OK to our ethically-challenged congressfolks, that shouldn't stop us from raising a ruckus.....

    (here's my email:
    Dear Senator Reid:
    I am appalled that Senator Santorum would take advantage of Pennsylvania taxpayers by home-schooling his children in Virginia through a Pennsylvania-funded program -- especially by using what appears to be a specious Pennsylvania home address.  As Vice-Chair of the Ethics Committee, I assume you are closely examining this breach of trust for any ethical violations under Senate Rules and will take all action necessary -- including, if applicable, a referral to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

    Very truly yours,


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    and today I did the rounds to help persuade Nelson not to even THINK of becoming Ag Sec'y!

    best --

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    have you written to your Senators and to Reid, Durbin about this? the result may be the same, but it made me feel better!  go to www.senate.gov for email forms.  best regards --
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    re the Activist page: is there still a Rapid Response website that folks can go to?  It's astounding how well organized the reactionary right is at this -- just check out Wildmon's AFA site: click here to sign a petition, click there to send a letter to, eg, the FCC (re Private Ryan) or to Congress.  In all of my surfing around, I haven't seen anything this consolidated for progressives (rather than a particular group having its own hot topic to respond to) -- have I just missed some "supersite" that I can then bookmark?
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    to acquiescent Dems.  Their professed surprise that other nations (and their citizens) won't roll over is simply astounding.  And with Rice as schoolmarm-in-chief at State, I wouldn't expect the picture to get any brighter.
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    I love gloom and doom on my Sunday mornings!

    What happened to our invigorated anger?  There must be viable candidates in these states, but of course the ground work has to begin NOW.  I'm not being Pollyannish; I know it's an uphill climb. But these GOP senators all have voting records -- let's start connecting the dots for the masses who don't know it yet. We can start writing local LTE's to force accountability, begin legislative lobbying for worthy causes (health care plans don't have to die, you know -- they may not get passed, but we can keep being squeaky wheels), etc -- that and continuing voter reg drives, etc, would be time more productively spent than all of this handwringing.

    Sermon over -- go enjoy NFK gameday!

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    1. have a concrete "strategic plan," especially at the state and local level.  IE, Stop with the theoretical political theory and actually work in the trenches: CONNECT THE DOTS, so that the average, non-cable-news junkie can get a clear sense of why the Dems are the better party

    2. stake out clear positions and FIGHT BACK.  Better to anger a few than bewilder the many, who just want to know what the Dems stand for

    3.  flush out the party hacks -- or at least ignore them and focus on those who have goals beyond protecting their own backsides
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    especially for the activism part!  I'd love to see updates on legislation, state or federal, so we'll know when to start being a squeaky wheel (just like the reactionary right is so effective)--e.g, time to start writing to legislators in the 10 states currently considering statutorily protecting pharmacists who refuse to fill birth control prescriptions.  And a way to track our progress would be great, too.  Finally, am interested in whether anyone else is starting up any state intiatives/lobbying legislatures to ensure that future elections have a verified paper trail.

    And I'm definitely free to help with any of the logistics for this!

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    but could we also include sometimes some great FICTION, that does a great job of expounding on our society?  It could be equally illuminating, especially when strategizing on how to reach the masses --

    OR other, but related nonfiction, like anything by Paco Underhill (The Call of the Mall -- really nails the consumer mentality) or The American Jesus, to help us understand the reactionary right....

    best regards,

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    I just refer to them as the reactionary right.


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