SUSA TX - Obama surge 57-38

Obama up big in latest TX SUSA poll. n.poll.2.662519.html

Still, voters in North Texas seem to be pouring into the Obama camp. Since our last poll one week ago, Obama has gained 4 points and Clinton has lost 5. Clinton held a two-point lead among locals, and Obama leads 57% to 38%.

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SUSA TX tease [poll]

SUSA will release a new TX poll tonight at 11:00 pm.  Their last poll showed Clinton: 50 Obama: 45.  Here is their teaser:

   SurveyUSA's Texas clients, KTRK-TV Houston, KTVT-TV Dallas and KRLD-AM radio Dallas, will release results of SurveyUSA's newest Democratic Primary poll tonight at 11 pm ET, 10 pm CT.

   1 in 4 Democratic primary voters have already voted. But for whom? Stay tuned ...

I wonder what is shaking?  Any thoughts?

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Hillary in El Paso

I've never seen her wear turquoise before.


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Feeny (R-FL) too (take the poll]

It seems like the FBI is tightening the noose on a number of republicans in congress: ndnation/FBI_asking_Tom_Feeney.shtml

Feeney did not return calls for comment Monday. But his Washington office released a statement to the Times late Monday.

"Rep. Feeney considers this an embarrassing episode in his 17-year career as an elected official and an expensive lesson for him as a public servant," the statement said.

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i'm no Bush lover...

...really, I am not.  I'm not a troll either.  OK?  OK!

It occurs to me that perhaps (PERHAPS!), the Bush administration has stumbled onto something in the middle east that actually might be to the benefit of the US.  Are you still with me?

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who will/should the Dems appoint? [Poll]

The Dems have agreed to participate in the Bush's Iraq Advisory Group.  Initially, Pelosi and Reid rejected the idea because Bush insisted on choosing the democratic members who would constitute the group.  In exchange for allowing the Dems to choose the members of their delegation who would form the group, they agreed to participate. tent/article/2007/01/30/AR2007013001085. html

This is a critical decision that will let us know how committed the leadership is the withdrawing from Iraq.  One question is whether Lieberman will be allowed by the Democratic leadership to be member of the group....interesting politics.

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stupid intellectuals

The campaign against intellectualism isn't being waged solely by the right.  Its seems that it is in fashion to declare yourself to be doer and not a thinker or even well educated.  While it might not be sufficient to merely be a thinker, it certainly is necessary.  And as the Bush administration as shown, doing without thinking can be a nightmare.

to whit, Kos writes:

"Here's my take on the whole matter -- "intellectuals" who'd rather read books and measure purity are next-to-useless. I prefer people of action, not of elitist academics. And I say that as someone who collected degrees as a hobby. What did all those Marx readers deliver the country? Nixon. Reagan. Bush. Bush II. Not to mention the DeLays, the Scalias, and the long national nightmare that is just now being stemmed."

Its not hard to think of few things things that earlier generations of intellectuals contributed to society (on both the left and the right).  Here is something that pointy-headed intellectuals are discussing at the moment (besides global warming, the deficit, disease, etc.):

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2007 Gubernatorial Elections (KY, LA, MS)

The 2007 Gubernatorial races are going to be interesting and important, as they highlight the corruption by and mismanagment of the Bush Adminstration.  If 2006 was about Iraq, these races are going to be about honesty and competance.  The Dems picked up seats in IN, KY, & OH, but can the wave take Fletcher out in KY?  How do the citizens of LA and MS feel about the response to Katrina?  It seems to me, that taking a stand on these elections offers the opportunity to keep the GOP's feet to fire right up to the 2008 Presidential primaries.

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FL - Gov: SUSA Dead heat

New SUSA Poll MoE +/- 3.8%
Data Collected: 11/02/2006 - 11/04/2006

Crist 49
Davis 47 rtPopup.aspx?g=91427afc-524d-4294-9f1d-c 712f2fca9a3&q=35118

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Gas Prices

In the Tampa area, gas prices have reached $3 a gallon, which is approximately what they were right after Katrina.  The difference is that there are no shortages.  Now, I am not an economist, but I thought prices were generally subject to supply and demand.  Is demand up in the region?  I doubt it.  Certainly not up 25% in three months.  What I am certain of is that this is a winning issue for dems in 2006.

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