stupid intellectuals

The campaign against intellectualism isn't being waged solely by the right.  Its seems that it is in fashion to declare yourself to be doer and not a thinker or even well educated.  While it might not be sufficient to merely be a thinker, it certainly is necessary.  And as the Bush administration as shown, doing without thinking can be a nightmare.

to whit, Kos writes:

"Here's my take on the whole matter -- "intellectuals" who'd rather read books and measure purity are next-to-useless. I prefer people of action, not of elitist academics. And I say that as someone who collected degrees as a hobby. What did all those Marx readers deliver the country? Nixon. Reagan. Bush. Bush II. Not to mention the DeLays, the Scalias, and the long national nightmare that is just now being stemmed."

Its not hard to think of few things things that earlier generations of intellectuals contributed to society (on both the left and the right).  Here is something that pointy-headed intellectuals are discussing at the moment (besides global warming, the deficit, disease, etc.): tent/article/2007/01/17/AR2007011701783. html

"Nuclear science has changed the world, "but it hasn't managed to change the way that people think about the world, and that's why we're here," said Mark Strauss, editor of the journal, founded by University of Chicago scientists whose work on the first atomic bomb led them to anti-nuclear advocacy. Decisions to change the clock come from the bulletin's board of sponsors, a group of scientists and policymakers that includes 18 Nobel laureates."

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Re: stupid intellectuals

I think Kos doesn't realize that it takes all kinds to form a movement. Of course maybe's it's kos's latent libertarian tendencies that are coming out in his dislike of intellectualism. Or maybe his lack of intellectualism is why he has latent libertarian tendencies in the first place.

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