My last thoughts before I leave

Women in our current society are not yet accepted as a likely leader of this Great Nation.  We have lucky ones like Nancy Pelosi in the Senate, for whatever reason she is an exception.

I am not pro-choice, used to be a devout Catholic. I am not poor and less educated. I make more than 75,000 a year and have studied 4 years after my Bachelor's degree.

I am not a feminist, and I don't care so much about Politics before but the thought of having the first woman President excites me.

But after several months of the Democratic Primary Election, I begun to realized that a woman cannot be a President unless all women decides to speak up and support one another.

What is it about Hillary that half of the Democrats, and the misogynist media don't like?  I don't know her personally but as I observed it, people who are close to her loved her and is very loyal to her, that's one good reason for me to support her.

Why did he stay with Bill after what he has done to her?  The same question now I asked myself, why did my Mom stayed with my Dad, and my sister-in-law is staying with her husband? The reason is simple... they want to do the right thing.

I supported Hillary because she answers my questions, and I liked her plan regarding the military. I don't blame her for supporting the war in Iraq because after 911 I also thought it was the right thing to do.

Maybe I will vote for BO if he is the nominee for just one reason, I want the Iraq war to end.  And that one vote is all he's going to get from me...  I will forget about the election and maybe come back to myDD after the General Election.

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I am an active duty military wife for almost 15 years.   A few weeks ago, my husband said if the War continues, he is more likely to be sent to Iraq as part of the ground forces.

During the course of our marriage he had been on a 6-months deployment to the West Pacific several times.  They were in the Persian Gulf during the Gulf War, the Operation Enduring Freedom, and at the beginning of the Iraq War.  He is not part of the combatant troops, his work in the military is making sure that jet fighters operates to 100% capability, and the jet pilots are flying safe.  

Lately, I been hearing rumors that the military is training non-combatant Military enlisted men and women.  They give them rifles and train them for several weeks to shoot.  And they are sent to Iraq to cover the shortage of military combatant (ground) troops.  

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