Running for Office: Like A Flamewar with a Forum Troll

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Progressive Dem Sean Tevis is an Information Architect in Kansas running for the state legislature. He's decided to retire Arlen Siegfreid, his current anti-science, pro-domestic-spying Republican state representative. Sean started with door-knocking and signatures to get on the ballot, and now he's appealing to the netroots for support. He's chronicled his political journey in webcomic format as a fundraising pitch, which drew attention from BoingBoing, Reddit, and Digg.

Progressive geek looking for 3,000 people to help him win Kansas election against dinosauric anti-science/pro-surveillance dude

Sean Tevis is a geeky geek from Kansas who's fed up with his state rep, an anti-abortion, anti-evolution, pro-censorship, pro-surveillance, anti-gay incumbent. Tevis -- an unknown -- is polling within three points of his opponent, and is looking to raise some Internet dough to kick this guy's (extremely tight) ass, and to promote his cause, he's made a fantastic, XKCD-style toon called "It's Like A Flamewar with a Forum Troll, but with an Eventual Winner." Specifically, he's looking to raise $8.34 from 3,000 people (no state rep in Kansas history has ever had more than 644 donors). I'm in. Who's with me?

Sean is actually a Reddit user himself, and it was online activism that partly inspired him to run:

I credit Reddit with getting me pissed off enough to run for State Representative this year. I live in Kansas and had had enough of the Intelligent Design jokes I've seen posted here about my state so I decided to "retire" my current rep - an anti-gay, religion in schools, conservative.

Sean was told he'd need $26,000 to be competitive in this race, and since he's not going to find 50 wealthy donors to give $500 dollars a pop, he's hoping 3,000 people will chip in 8 bucks a piece instead.  He's since shattered the 644-donor record for Kansas state legislature candidates, but he's aiming to reach 3,000 individuals.  He'd be one more strong voice behind Governor Sebelius, but this is also a great opportunity to send "one of our own" in to public service.  Breaking fundraising records is also a guaranteed way to secure some netroots media coverage.

Will you Digg Sean's XKCD comic homage?  The "Digg effect" could help him reach the 3,000 milestone.

And here's the direct link to the "3,000"fundraising comic that's drawn so many donors already.

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Tips for Sean.

Here's Sean's page again.

Here's the Digg entry for his illustrated story.

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Now this IS cool! I love it.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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i love it!!!!

that comic is awesome.

highly rec'd.  guys let's get this on the rec list!!!!

and i wish i could donate ;(

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Recced and donated

I'll send you a scan of the letter signed by the volunteers... :-)

Is this cross-posted on DKOS?

Other than just being worth doing for any number of reasons, evolving Kansas education would make this whole country less embarrassing...


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Yeah, cross-posted.

I don't normally use DKos, but I cross-posted this one for coverage's sake.

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And please spread it.

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