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    Just to elaborate a little, the infrastructure of northern Gaza is being completely destroyed.  And Israel has been using white phosphorus shells which burns the skin right off people.  It was used extensively in Fallujah.  This does not lead to a ceasefire, this leads to everlasting hatred.  What Israel wants is the end of the Palestinians. Tzipi Livni's remarks this weekend were racist and she indicated that she even wants the Arabs living in Israel to leave Israel when this is over.
    Olmert and Barak are the same. Utterly racist and evil.

    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/wo rld/middle_east/article5447590.ece

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    There will never be a ceasefire after this massacre, this slaughter of life.  Never.  I wouldn't agree to one after this, no one would.  Everything I have been reading says the same thing.  If that is Israel's goal, they have totally and completely effed it up.
    I would vow to end Israel myself if I lived in Gaza, at this point.  This is evil incarnate.
    Have you seen photos by any chance?
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    He ran against everything Clinton represented by inference, but it turns out he's more conservative than she is on a lot of things.  (FISA)  Clinton is now being described on AAR and elsewhere now as the populist candidate.  She could bring Obama back to the left and at the same time give him the appearance of being centrist like Bill Clinton was, just by her presence on the ticket. She doesn't even have to do anything.  

    She'd be a winner for him, but I doubt he'll  pick her for the reasons you stated -- it goes against his perceived "change" theme.  She would actually put him over the top, which is important because this is going to be a close, close race.

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    Edwards is poison at the moment. Rumors of a love baby are just rumors, but still, they are in the newspapers. POISON.

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    Evan Bayh is cute and better known than anyone else on that list except Hillary. Seriously, that's all it takes for him to "add something".  The people who would add the most to Obama's ticket would be Hillary and Biden and he probably won't choose them. Kaine would be a disaster because he's very religious, knows little of foreign policy and is against abortion. DISASTER. Frankly, I'm really sick of all the religion on politics lately. I wish he'd choose an atheist, or at least someone with some self-restraint in the religion department.

    I hope in fact the he chooses Bayh or Sebelius.  It's good that people don't know much about them. It will keep the press busy covering Obama again.  Anyone well-known is going to eclipse Obama at this point and the press is just waiting to cover McCain,  The wild card could be Clinton because the press would go crazy over her too.  

    My prediction of his timing -- the DAY AFTER McCain makes his VP announcement. Obama is really good at one-upping.

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    "The publication of Barack Obama's secret prayer at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem was a scandal in Israel and around the world.  However, it turns out "Obama submitted a copy of the note to media outlets when he left his hotel in Jerusalem."


    Oh, that's just too rich.  Obama is the Madonna Media manipulator of Washington. And he portrays himself as an outsider!!

    And yes, everyone has the right to express the truth. It's not even mere opinion that Obama masterfully controls the media. He's a pro.  He has a PhD in Media Hogging.  But that's OK, he's so photogenic and we luvs him.

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    Open your mind....   Not everyone is enamored of your rock star Obama, and it's not just the PUMAs either.  It's the gasp!  progressives too.  We don't really like the acting so much, among other things. I would prefer the real Obama to this celebrity dude, even if he's not quite as fancy.

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    Right on lin, i couldn't agree more. I want action, and I am sick of words and soaring speeches. I don't give a rip how much Germans or little drunken Sarkozy likes Obama. Sarkozy likes Bush, for pete's sake. Let's see some action plans that are feasible to back up those beautific words Obama and maybe, just MAYBE you can have my support.  After that FISA thing, it's gonna be harder than ever to hold my nose and vote for him..... In fact, the fingers that I use to pinch my nose together are undergoing a temporary paralysis, but maybe they'll be OK in time for November.  . . . . . If Obama promises not to spy on us after he voted to do just that.

    But yes, by all means, let's stop the fawning. He's starting to believe his own hype, despite what he says. Can we have a down-to-earth president for a change?  Please?  

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    It's not good for Hillary because Hillary fired her. That's why it's not something Hillary supporters think is good. The women was incompetent when she worked for Hillary and she'll be incompetennt when she works for Obama. She made a lot of bad decisions and wasted a lot of Hillary's money on stupid stuff like snow shovels. I wonder if Obama knows how incompetent this person is.
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    Clinton didn't support it necessarily -- she fired Solis because Solis screwed up her campaign and wasted money. I have read they are barely on speaking terms. They are nearly enemies. That is why, it is said, Obama hired her. To send a message -- Hillary, it's not gonna be you.

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    Please stop that PUMA crap.

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    It's true some Obama supporters were pretty  nasty during primary season.  I have discovered since Hillary lost that a few of her supporters are as nasty as I thought some of the Obama supporters were.   They are now supporting John McCain and they are leaving the Democratic party. I think we should stop being tolerant of their stupidity because it's already really old. If they want to support John McCain they need to be set straight.  He's going to pester them hard for all 200 of their votes because it will be the only votes he gets, except for those of his 150-year-old mother and his wax statue wife.

    Both sides were nasty in the primary season, weren't they?  Fine -- I really just hope everyone can  face reality and keep John McCain OUT OF the White House. Instead of voting for him, for cripe's sake!!

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    This is great news!  Congrats to her, I can't wait to see all that she does.

  • Every time I bring up that some of them show racist tendencies, people run from that like it's fire.  

    There are some Hillary groups right now that are like white supremacist groups.  The sad thing is, they don't even know it. I'd like to know how to knock them down, even shut them down. I'm trying my best to self-destruct one group and it's working, but they're also ready to kick me out because I have the audacity to defend that guy who in their eyes has  a racist wife and is  Muslim.  The PUMA people are much the same, and some of them most definitely are like white supremacists. I'd like to expose them  for what they are, not ignore it.

    I spent a lot of time exposing the sexism towards Hillary, so this to me is the same as that effort. We shouldn't ignore it, we should attack it.

  • "They're not just upset with the way Clinton was treated. They're upset with the way they, as long time Dem activists, were treated.  You can't attack, purge and invalidate large sections of the party base during a contentious primary, then command them to shut up and fall in line."

    That's true, somebody should sue.  I assume there are lawyers working on that?


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