Bill Richardson brings Mi Familia al estado de Georgia

This is the first in a three-part video series I'm doing for Huffington Post's Off the Bus.

Bill Richardson spent Friday, October 5, in Atlanta, GA, where he chartered a Spanish-named campaign infrastructure in a state with its fair share of anti-immigrant sentiments; enjoyed a lonely lunch at the Varsity with a nutritious "Yellow Dog;" and, in a bit of a switch, helped local Democrats raise a little money for their efforts here at home.

Video below the fold...

After meeting with the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus and stopping at CNN, Gov. Richardson visited with the Georgia Tech Young Democrats and chartered the Georgia chapters of Mi Familia con Bill Richardson, the campaign's grassroots mobilization effort. Despite immigration being a hot-button issue in this election season, a campaign staffer said the potential downside to a Hispanic-themed grassroots infrastructure had been considered and dismissed. (That is, anyone who would be turned off by the emphasis on his Latino roots wasn't going to vote for him in the first place. Makes you think, doesn't it?)

Georgia Tech students peppered him with detailed questions, and the Governor responded with both humor and gravity -- though almost all of the details came from talking points on the campaign website. Coming tomorrow: Part 2 - Richardson's Yellow Dog Walkin', a lonely lunch at the Varsity (what's a second tier candidate to do?).

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