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    hrc is claiming that red states don't matter. I hardly think that is an effective way to build the party or to win elections.

    BHO is doing what he can to win the nomination, which means winning delegates--not the popular vote.

    I'm more than happy to say that his stance on super-delegates is illogical. It's illogical because the super-delegates can't really overturn "the will of the people" because the primary/caucus system we have now isn't representative of that will.

    BHO won texas and nevada by the only count that matters in terms of winning the nomination--the delegate count.

  • Yeah! They lurch from one outrage to the next, so we can too!

    That's really just dodging the point. It isn't good when either BHO or HRC supporters do it. So instead of pointing fingers at DKos, maybe we should take the higher ground.

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    That's a fair point. It's clear that BHO wants to have it both ways. But, for the same reason that BHO is wrong to attack superdelegates for being untied to delegate totals (I'm ignoring, for the moment, the shifting definitions regarding Sen. Kennedy superdelegate endorsement...), it is wrong to claim that HRC "wins" states based on popular vote totals.

    This process is hardly a democratic one. The delegate totals--the only way to win or lose the nomination--bear only a passing resemblance to "the will of the people." Thus, it is wrong to claim that the superdelegates must follow the other delegate totals, and it is wrong to use the popular vote as the standard for winning states.

    But, yes, you are correct about BHO's shifting demographics. I would add to your statement, however, that HRC makes a similar logical fallacy in her claiming victory in states where she lost the delegate count.

  • Once again, I'm not arguing that the superdelegates shouldn't follow their own judgement. I'm arguing that if you believe that the superdelegates should not be bound to the delegate count, which, as you correctly point out, isn't a good determination of the "will of the people", then "winning" on a state-by-state level isn't a product of the popular vote as much as a simple count of delegates.

    The primary/caucus system, as it is, bears only a liminal resemblance to an actual estimation of the "will of the people", and, as such, winning has very little to do with winning popular vote total; it has everything to do with delegate counts. And, as the process is inherently undemocratic there is nothing wrong with superdelegates having their say, unburdened by some ill-conceived notion of "what the people want".

  • Calling Obama "two faced" is a little strong considering his argument is based on the same invalid logic used by HRC in justifying her "wins" in various states.

    I don't think you can claim that "this is how it is" regarding superdelegates but ignore that the primary system is not very democratic in other aspects. On a state by state level, Obama wins if he wins the delegate counts--that is the way the system is, and any narrative contrary to that fact is, in fact, false.

  • I actually don't know; did BHO and HRC tie the delegate counts in Missouri? I guess I should probably go check...

    I will say, though, that if BHO and HRC didn't tie the delegate counts than BHO is engaging in a kind of invalid logic.

    I'll go check now.

  • Exactly, it seems that the arguments on both sides are based on more pragmatic concerns--i.e., "my candidate should win"--than on logic. Though both sides cloak their arguments in some sort of logic--albeit invalid logic.

  • I'm sorry--and I'm not being saracstic or trying to imply some deeper criticism--I really don't understand; Is what one of the criticisims of President Bush?

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    Look, I think this diary is pretty much rubbish, as its quite clear that HRC is not "endorsing" McCain over Obama (not that I was thrilled by her statements).

    But pointing over at Dkos and saying that "they do it too" or "they do it worse" is not a response to the argument that HRC supporters should vote for BHO in the GE, should he win.

    Just because DKos is full of overly-rabid BHO supporters (or HRC haters) doesn't give licence for anyone else to be overly-rabid.

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    Actually, he didn't wink and nudge anyone. The Canadians asked for a meeting with Obama's advisor, and then misrepresented what he said.

  • I'm quoting from mattw's diary here:
    The claims of the original story bear so little resemblance to what eventually surfaced that it is unlikely Obama even connected the story to Goolsbee's meeting, given that the talk of NAFTA took up only a few minutes of that meeting - even if Obama knew of the particulars of that meeting. (Given his schedule, also not a given.)
  • please enlighten us. do you have evidence that obama  did this?

  • OH MY GOD THAT IS SO FUNNY!!!!! Obama supporters are cultists!!!!

  • both sides have quotes. Both sides have evidence. Since we lack good standing to make a decision as to which one is lying, can we suspend judgement and not call Obama actions on NAFTA evil and horrible and icky and terrible when we really don't know what the fuck is going on.

    I think its pretty clear that neither side has much of a claim on knowledge of what happened.

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