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    A comment in this diary cross-posted elsewhere, "If she actually gets in office, this should be remembered as the moment she stopped using her own words."  Derision notwithstanding it is a moment probably worth noting.

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    The diary isn't an argument against quantitative easing, although given the current interest rates and the state of the economy it is pretty clear the recovery is extremely slow if tangible.  With GDP increases of around 2% unemployment will probably not improve much at all.  And it's not just 'people' who are paying off debt, businesses aren't spending their money on capacity or expansion.  It's also arguable that the impact of commodity inflation associated with quantitative easing will have a negative impact on margins and consequently the equity markets as well.  We really don't know the outcomes yet, frankly, which makes it a bit of a gamble.  But that's not the point.

    I had really intended to note the political aspects of Palin's foray into policy; how it potentially divides Republicans and gives her a bit of leverage in the new House; and how the battle lines might be drawn in 2012 with an economy still in the doldrums.

  • Blaming the Motley Moose for the demise of MyDD, a trend we all seem to be acknowledging, seems a bit like blaming one of the lifeboats for the sinking of the Titanic.

  • Leave my elk out of this.

  • I hated MyDD?  Actually been thinking of posting some diaries here again.  Seems to me both parties are missing the big picture these days.  We have two parties divided among their respective constituencies over the economy and their establishments up to their eyeballs in corporate influence.  Democrats less than Republicans, at a guess, but they're both missing the point.

    The next genuine economic populist whom emerges in either party is going to be a force to be reckoned with if they take on Wall Street and the massive misappropriation of public money.  "It's the economy, stupid," and it ain't getting any better.

  • Not the site's.  It's called 'spamming.'  Try that stunt on any well moderated forum and I'm guessing you're in for a banning.

  • You're not counting the number of those clip posts which were hide-rated prior to your banning.  If that was your point, incidentally, you could have just made it once and you probably wouldn't have been banned.  Under the circumstances I thought it was appropriate, frankly.

  • So the casual reader, assuming there are any, can make up their own mind about it.

  • You post a clip in a diary a dozen or so times it does affect browsing, especially for those of us without ADSL2 or cable.  And you can hardly defend that kind of activity as anything but a nuisance in any case.  Once would have been 'cute,' but the same clip over and over again?  C'mon.

  • You managed to quote many of us way out of context, my 'army of discontent' comment was about the layoff of public sector employment in Britain, for pity's sake.  You were banned, assuming it was you from the admission in your diary, for posting the same content-free YouTube clip numerous times in a single diary which for those of us on limited bandwidth is a virtual denial of service attack.  And the notion that the Moose is a staging area for a campaign of repression against MyDD overstates the significance of both sites, I'm guessing, by several orders of magnitude.  As for your shout-out, a flame war initiated by any other site would probably increase our page views but thanks for trying anyhow.

  • Given the sharp veer to the Right of the GOP in recent cycles that's not as snarky as it may seem.

  • Frankly he's one of the few representatives in either party who's responded to the mortgage crisis with integrity.  Why get rid of him?

  • In the primary days with the handle Holden Caulfield, among others; he knew the history of the IWW and the Spanish Civil War quite well, a real old school lefty.  An Emiliano Zapata fan, that kind of thing.  Was always plugging Bob Somerby.  Called himself a 'yellow dog' Democrat.  He posted borderline outrageous stuff but always with unbridled enthusiasm and an uncritical assertiveness which I found quite charming, really.  Is that you? 

  • Well, I would probably remember you then. Still having trouble reconciling these:
    this post wasnt "revisionism" - it was my "opinion".
    what i wrote in this diary is what happened here.
    Opinion versus statement of fact? That's a slippery slope. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  • Right?  I was blogging daily here throughout the whole period you are discussing.  MyDD was a very active, widely viewed and relevant forum for discussing the many significant issues which came up in that primary campaign.  Why do you feel it is necessary to do a historical revisionism of what happened?  There were quite a few Hillary and Obama supporters, what else would you expect?  Edwards supporters were probably in the majority at first.  Obama supporters definitely weren't from February 2007 through to Iowa and New Hampshire.  After that it became quite acrimonious but I would suggest that this was always a place where Obama supporters were essentially playing defense.  That's what made it challenging and rewarding to blog here.  After it was apparent that Hillary was losing the primary there were some quite adamant and incendiary diaries here which were in the same vein as yours.  The premise of your diary is false but that seems intentional.

    It's hard to understand what the tragectory of MyDD has been since, and this diary comes as no particular surprise, but it is hardly accurate.  Most Obama supporters left a while ago, some, like myself, quite reluctantly.  After blogging in an online community for such a long time it isn't easy to just chuck it in and move on.


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