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    ... and I liked what it had to say; it helped me to anchor my understanding of "conservatism" in the broadest sense. This is great because with this kind of powerful foundational frame from which to work - conservatism as a means of propogating an aristocracy at enormous cost to the rest of the population - progressives are provided a great method with which we can subvert the rhetorical arguments posed by conservatives. This allows us not only to undercut their initial argument, but at the same time poses a counterargument akin to "you're not fooling me, the emperor has no clothes and you have nothing left in your arsenal that's going to work." ... If that makes sense to anyone else but me.

    And lesnussman, I hear where you're coming from, but I have to tell you that I did stand up to one of "those people" outside a convenience store here in Lansing Michigan two nights ago and almost got into a physical altercation, but it felt damn good. When I was leaving the store with a 12 pack, this guy was ranting at a cashier about how horrible the damn liberals are. On my way out I told him that I overheard his conversation and just wanted to tell him that I am a proud liberal. He shot back with more perjorative talk and I just simply called him a "fucking fascist republican fuck" and got in my car hitting the power locks in time to see him pounding on my passenger door demanding I open the car. I gave him the finger and he stomped on my bumper as I drove away. I know it was a silly stupid thing for me to do, but in the spirit of embracing the divide in this country - which I strongly advocate - it felt good and I have no regrets.

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    ...comments. I recently finished reading the book Retro vs. Metro: the Great Divide and the authors made about a million awesome points. There is one in particular, an over-arching framework type, that convinced me of one important idea: forget the south. Forget the rocky mountains, the deserted plains states, and the deep red south. These are on the other side of the divide and targeting them to "bring them back" to a place they've never been is ridiculous and simply an exercise in futility.

    The democrats need to focus on their core: metropolitan, urban, and suburban areas. I am convinced that there is in fact the type of sharp divide described in detail in the book. We need to capitalize on this and focus our efforts only on those with whom we stand a real chance.

    It'd also be great to repeatedly, publicly, and firmly undermine some of the republicans' core so-called conservative principles by exposing them for what they really are. "Free Market" = Crony Capitalism/Corpratism, "Rugged Individualism" = extraction industry welfarist subsidizing, "Relieving the 'Tax Burden'" = compromising economic performance and international competitiveness by hindering crucial, publically financed sectors like education and scientific R&D. "Moral Majority" = a backwards, self-destructive, wedging distraction. This last one, in particular, is important. Forget pandering to the fundamentalist religious conservatives; forget trying to convince them that we are their party, too. We are not and shouldn't waste time trying to convince anyone otherwise. The other issues (especially after the disaster these next 4 years are sure to be) will soundly outweigh theological concerns in the eyes of OUR voters... northern, coastal, metropolitan, DEMOCRATS.

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    Violent? I am. I want to punch a republican. I am not a violent person but I am feeling more violent every day.

    I am not gay... but my dad is. Yep, did you hear that Jerry Fallwell? Gay people have kids! But anyway, in regards to realizing that I share nothing in common with the "moral majority" in this country, I hear you brother. It's scary.

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    ...because it's time to grab a brew, get comfy, and watch the freak show that is about to unfold for the next four years as this country takes a hard bank to the right. It's a red nation, ladies and gentlemen, and my national pride has withered.

    It's funny. I was SO worked up about this whole election with the bitter taste from 2000 still in my mouth. Now that it has passed, the republicans will not reach across the aisle, will not try to reach out to the moderates in both parties who were and will be increasingly disillusioned with the ideology of the republicans in control... Instead, I am feeling giddy about the prospect that they will continue to go after their rightist agenda that will, perhaps (I hope) send this country into disaster. Then, and perhaps only then - through trial by fire - will the beginning of the end of neoconservative republicanism manifest.

    Batton down the hatches, it's going to be a 4 year long hurricane freakshow of a parade. I've got my lawn chair ready, you guys??

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    Went this morning at 10:30, waited a half an hour in the rain in my black hoodie. Phoned a friend of mine who has never voted and he beat me to the polls to get Kerry in. Feeling very confident today, very much indeed...
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    ... you think, NorCalJim. I used your posting to alleviate fears some of my less optimistic friends have about next Tuesday.
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    Is on some hard core drugs.

    I live in south Lansing here in Michigan, but I haven't seen anything on that kind of scale yet. We have a lot of college kids here, too, so you'd think it would be a major target for a bit of good ol' fashioned voter suppression.

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    Link to the video of last night's debate? Or just a good up-close picture of Bush?? Can't find
  • I've already stocked up on supplies for when the Kerry Tsunami hits. I've a fifth of Southern Comfort (they're going to need all the comfort they can get after their man gets slammed), a can of Bush's baked beans (they're quite small... so so small), and finally some duct tape and plastic sheeting because Tom Ridge told me I'd need that for the terrorist attack that Cheney promised would happen when Kerry wins.

    Am I forgetting anything?

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    No. Let's see...

    Stupid look on face, check; incoherent ramblings, check; foot on Kerry's throat, check; radio transmitter in place, check. All set for tonight's debate!

    Oh, except one thing...

    I hope he's also wearing a diaper because his creepy Stepford of a wife is gonna have to clean out his shorts before he goes to beddy-bye tonight.

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    That you took that particular approach. Were it me, a near militant atheist, I'd have said something really stupid and against our cause... like:

    Napolean said, "religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich," but since I am poor and don't give a rat's ass for your ridiculous religion, you better watch out because I've had 4 years of this insanity and if Bush is elected again... well, let's just say that unlike your make-believe god up on a cloud with his hollow "wrath", I am down here on earth with some real wrath ready to unleash.

    But, like I said, well done! That's why I don't correspond with religious people.

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    I'd say considering he had no means of safely traveling about conspicusously, he did a pretty good job of dodging for as long as he did!
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    It's going to take a lot to turn around the anti-intellectualism that this administration has fostered. This is not the time for the aww-shucks guy, it's time for the guy who reads and thinks.
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    Yes, we will.

    I am 24, living in Michigan, am voting and am dragging 2 of my friends with me. (Voting Kerry, of course)


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