Campaigns - New Political Simulator on the Web

What Is Campaigns?

There are many pristine government simulators on the web. USG, AGS, CGS and many others have already established a foothold on a full-functioning simulation of the U.S. and Canadian governments. Simply, there is no need to clutter the web with anymore doomed sims. The problem with many of these games is that it requires constant effort to progress throughout the game and severly limits the playing ability of people who don't have time to log on every single day and make sure they interact in every part of the game.

Campaigns is purely a simulator which takes candidates, puts them in the field and then has an election. There is no House or Senate to work in, only elections. While the system is sometimes complicated, there is no doubt that it will take less time to play than other sims.

But mostly, it's a unique and interesting idea which can provide people someone cool to occupy their time with. And you don't have to be a political genius to play! Just register, read the rules and you'll be all set!

Play now!

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