• comment on a post Fox On London Attacks over 9 years ago
    I am a Londoner, and anyone who is discussing our attacks with any political motives should be ashamed of themselves. If after 9/11 or the Madrid bombings people had been running around saying things about how good it was, because it consolidated opinions on terrorism, they would have been dragged out into the street and shot. Most Americans didn't have an opinion on terrorism until 9/11 because it never entered their little U.S centric worlds, whilst we in the U.K. have been putting up with I.R.A. bombings for decades.

    What happened on Thursday was a tragedy. But it was also an example, because it showed the rest of the worlds media how they should behave. Keep the public informed without inciting panic, feeding the fear and playing right into the terrorists hands. If only American media had any idea of how to present news without feeding into the cycle of  fear. Oh sorry, I forgot, that's all that American  media is. Or at least, that's the way it seem. To anyone with an I.Q.


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