The Moral Bankruptcy of Hillary Clinton

I really cannot fully digest this.  It's like a bad meal from a fast food joint that doesn't want to sit down.  It wants to come right out and desecrate the world around me.  I want to vomit right now.  I cannot believe what I am reading.  I cannot make any sense of it.  I don't really want to make sense of it.

To say that I have been critical of Hillary Clinton would be an understatement.  I have been an Obama supporter ever since he had the cojones to speak up about the North-West Frontier in Pakistan.     I was with the movement when it was still doubted by all, called inexperienced and unready by everyone.  I stuck with the movement through Iowa and New Hampshire, through Nevada and South Carolina.  Even after my state went with Clinton, I stuck with the Obama movement.

There have been times when I got angry.  Times when I said that I'd support McCain over Clinton.  Times when I said I'd stay home before I support Clinton.  We tend to say selfish things when we are angry.  I was angry when she made the Commander-In-Chief threshold remarks about McCain and Obama.  I was angry when she repeated them.  I cooled off since then.

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What a joy it is to be an Obaman. Plus a Statement.

STATEMENT: I've noticed some crackpots making comments about Monica Lewinsky. I consider that to be unbecoming of an Obaman or an Obawoman and I may start troll-rating such comments. I'd urge that my fellow Obama-supporters also hold a line on standards of decency that all Democrats should adhere to.

The Columbian reports( 2008/03/03242008_Cantwell-supporting-Cli nton--for-now.cfm/ ) more love for the leader in the race of pledged delegates.

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Enough With the Repeat-Diaries.

I know this is not a diary, but I'm getting agitated.  Very agitated.

I've seen several diaries today about some guy named Daou written by the same diarist, I saw one diary that was asking people to recommend another diary, many diaries on Tuzla-Gate, you get the point.. it's as overplayed as Wright-gate was, even if Tuzla-Gate is more directly connected to a candidate.

Could we restrain ourselves?  Do I have to start a string about Pakistan?

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On Michigan, Florida, and Super Delegates- An Unpopular Opinion.

If you haven't noticed all of the outrage lately over the Michigan/Florida debacle at this site, then you're probably brand new and have chosen to read this diary first.   Lucky you.

I'm going to present my take on this whole mess.  I do so from the perspective of an Obama supporter who tries to be open-minded and objective.  I do so knowing full well that there'll be a lot of accusations thrown at me.  Some new, some old.  The old ones are pretty well known- cultist, thug, brown shirt.  Don't throw that last one at me unless you are aching for a retarded flame war.

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Obama Supporters: Our Standards, and a Call to Unite. Update w/ Statement

To my fellow supporters of Barack Obama, I don't mean to sound so dramatic.  I really don't.  However, we are in the minority here.  That's fine.  None of us are here because we prefer to hear only what we want to hear.  None of us are here for the sake of nay-saying or arguing.

We're here because we want to represent our the candidate that we prefer.  The campaign that we prefer.  The movement that we may consider ourselves apart of. It's a movement that has been built from the ground up with the understanding that alone any one of us are all but entirely insignificant. Together, we are far from insignificant.

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For All Democrats: Examining Fox News

So we have the writer's strike on the Daily Kos, initiated by Alegre.   It's an interesting development, and not one that I really mean to criticize by itself.  However, as Democrats, I'm perplexed by the lack of outrage towards Fox News.

For those of you who are boycotting the Daily Kos, I applaud you all for determination and organization.  It's important in our society to be pro-active and to be willing to act bravely, even if it may result in being blinded by the spotlight and made deaf by the chaotic chorus of ridicule.

Yet there is another chaotic chorus of ridicule that many of us have been ignoring.  Disturbingly, some have even begun to tune into.  Democrats tuning into a chorus of Obama-hate.   Whether you are a Clinton supporter or an Obama supporter, you should remember the lessons of 2004.  You should remember how organized they were against John Kerry.  Against Al Gore in 2000.  Against the Clintons in the 1990's.  We should all remember what Fox News is.

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Passportgate has LEGS

I know, I know, we're all sick of the various gates.  But I got your attention.

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Hillary Clinton Has a Serious Problem in May

Usually I wouldn't even bother with a story like this.  Usually I'd say, "eh, it's a little early to rush to conclusions." Yet that attitude grows weaker and weaker when I see more and more right-wing talking points being spewed out of the mouths of some at My Direct Democracy.  That patience gets thinner and thinner when I see one Clinton supporter after another sensationalizing every little thing.

A tip of the hat to Barbara Ehrenreich for her article in the Nation which can be located here; renreich

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Universal was right! An anti-Obama Preacher has been UNLEASHED!

Oh my sweet God, this is PRICELESS! /antiobama-preacher-unlea_n_92471.html

Yes I know this isn't a real diary, but come on!  Watch the video!

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Tough Times Ahead for Senator Clinton

No matter how many claims of being "fully vetted," no matter how much you say that you are transparent, in the end it only matters until it doesn't.  It no longer matters how much Hillary says she has been vetted.  It no longer matters how often her surrogates say that she is a very open person who has undergone decades of scrutiny.  It no longer matters how many years of tax returns are available for the public.

It no longer matters because she is no longer "fully vetted."

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