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    For failing to provide leadership to this environment.  His constant hangup on Reverend Wright fuels the anti-Obamaism that has festered in MyDD.

    And don't bring up the DailyKos.  We're not there for a reason.

  • The day Obama's campaign distributes an article from the American Spectator is the day that I write an anti-Obama diary.

  • Johnson may be biased, but he's got sources.

  • I said so many times that I would support her if she is the nominee.  There is no excuse for her to be siding with Republicans against the front runner of the Democratic primary.  NONE.  I don't care how badly you or she want to win.  I really don't.  This has been beyond unacceptable.

    I hear so many Clinton supporters here insulting Kerry, insulting Pelosi, insulting Dean and Daschle.  Richardson, Brazile..  your camp has begun to sound like Redstate.com.

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    Where was Clinton's outrage before January, before she realized that she'd win in Michigan and Florida?  Where was Clinton's outrage before New Hampshire/Iowa/SC/Nevada voted?

    Nowhere.  It was strategically delayed.  So shut it already about Michigan and Florida.  If she really cared, she would have done more in 2007 than keep her mouth shut.

    Where's the delayed outrage?  Right here, in this diary, and it's outrageous.

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    It won't matter, the FEC is currently paralyzed below the neck.  They can talk but can't do anything.

  • Lakersfan, what right-wing sources have Obama supporters been using?

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    The use of ridiculous sources like World Net Daily cannot be forgotten.  The use of those right-wing sources is simply disturbing, and becoming increasingly acceptable amongst the likes of Marsh Limbaugh and her ditto-heads.

    I'm still praying that prominent pro-Clinton bloggers will wake up and remind their comrades that we are still Democrats.  DEMOCRATS.  Not Republicans.

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    How many in Florida and Michigan want to go out and vote again?

    Something should be done about the delegates, I agree, but it shouldn't tip the scales.

    Clinton lost this argument when she sided with the entire establishment until it wasn't benefitial for her to continue doing so.  She flip-flopped.  Obama has stayed consistent.  It's delayed outrage.

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    He's doing incredible in a national campaign, especially when you consider that he refuses to fly...

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    I don't seem to remember when Obama attacked Clinton in that debate.  I thought it was Dodd, Biden, and maybe one or two others.  Maybe Obama said something.  Can we get a quote or two?

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    Say what you will, at least Obama has been consistent in this whole mess.  Clinton and Obama had the same position at first!   Clinton flip-flopped when it suited her.  She was against letting FL/MI have an early vote when it ticks off Iowa/NH/SC/NV, then she's for it when the states that were authorized to vote early already voted and couldn't take it back.

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    She spoke up about seating the delegates after she saw polls and after Iowa/New Hampshire/Nevada had already voted.  She was waiting for the states that were given permission to vote before February 5th, then she decided to speak up about Michigan and Florida.

    Too little too late.

    Too delayed and too tactical.

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    I tipped and recommended this.  Given how much from those contributions gets shelled out to Mark Penn and Howard Wolfson, I really feel like I should do something to give you folks a hand.

    Besides, it's hard not to admire such persistence.

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    Would we be in this position if Clinton stood up for Florida and Michigan last year?  Maybe not.  But she didn't stand up.  She stood silent rather than risk her chances in the other pre-February5th states.  Now she's speaking up, and she's loud- she's doing it now when she can't offend the voters in states that were given permission to vote before Super Tuesday.

    The outrage is strategic.  Tactical.

    It is fake and delayed outrage.


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