Duncan Hunter and National Security

Duncan Hunter has been all over the news lately talking about how much he cares about national security and how hard he's working to secure Americas ports. It's almost as if he's trying to distract us from something else.

Duncan Hunter is convicted felon Randy "Duke" Cunningham's best friend forever, according to today's issue of The Hill.  And it should come as no surprise, really - those two have been working together for years.  

Since 1994, Wilkes and ADCS gave $40,700 in campaign contributions to Rep. Duncan Hunter, a San Diego Republican who now chairs the House Armed Services Committee. Hunter has acknowledged that he joined with Cunningham in 1999 to contact Pentagon officials who reversed a decision and gave ADCS one of its first big contracts, for nearly $10 million. Hunter's spokesman, Joe Kasper, said the congressman was unavailable for comment Tuesday.

Did you catch that?  The Pentagon "reversed a decision" to give ADCS the big money contract.  Not only did the military not ask for the ADCS projects, they actively turned it down.  So how did these projects end up in the federal budget? Cunningham and his good friend Duncan Hunter put in a little overtime.

After the Pentagon declined to give ADCS a contract, it awarded the company a $9.8 million deal in mid-1999 after "inquiries from two members of Congress," a Defense investigation found. Hunter and Cunningham have said they asked Pentagon officials about the program.

Cunningham and Hunter worked so closely together they even got the same awards.

Wilkes' ties to Hunter and Cunningham go beyond campaign contributions. In 2003, the businessman's foundation hosted a "Salute to Heroes" gala to give Hunter an award, just as it did for Cunningham a year earlier. The Wilkes Foundation gave $1,000 in 2003 to a charity run by two of Hunter's staffers, records show.

Not bad, though that $1,000 given to the charity run by two of Hunter's staffers is a drop in the bucket compared to the at least $40,700 Hunter himself received.

So the next time Duncan Hunter shows up on a Sunday morning talk show, I'd like to see someone ask him about this, rather than let him try to steal credit for Democratic attempts to secure American ports.

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Re: Duncan Hunter and National Security

Two other big questions on Duncan Hunter.  One, will Brent Wilkes squeal on him leading to an indictment?  Two, will he decide to silently sneak away from the spotlight in hopes that prosecutors will lose interest?  As of 6 PM last night, California time, Hunter had not filed.  The California deadline is on the 10th.

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