How to respond to a conservative

So I was thinking for a while now wouldn't it be cool if someone could gather all, or most, of the things Conservatives say and post responses to them. Here is a list of all the responses I can think of if you can think of any more post them and hopefully this will be something that will help us all.

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Any moderates here at MYDD?

So I been wondering about this for a while, and I thought I would ask. Now let make it clear that just because I am a moderate does not mean I dislike liberals, on the contrary, I like them fine and do not think there is anything wrong with being a liberal. The only reason I do not call myself one is that where I stand on some issues makes me a moderate, so just taking a quick poll just to find out if I am the only moderate here.

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I am not against most strikes

I recently posted a few comments in some diaries in which I was against the transit strike in New York City. Now many of you thought that I was against all strikes in general but that is not that case. I think strikes are a good too for some unions to use and if the teachers unions goes on strike I be right there behind them. However for certain unions it poses a danger to society if they go on strike because they jobs they do are essential to citizen safety. As Calvin Coolidge said when, as governor of Massachusetts, he ordered the end of the police strike because, "There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, anytime"

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To be a successful president one must have executive experience

I have been thinking of the Presidency a lot lately and I think I know what it takes in order to be a successful President. I think that in order for one to be a successful President one must have had executive experience in the past. Now I know there are exceptions to the rule; Abraham Lincoln never had any executive experience and was a great President. On the other hand Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush both had executive experience and both are not good Presidents, Carter is a great humanitarian and did a lot after he left office but didn't do much when he was in office. Having executive experience is good because it shows one how they should lead and it gives you leadership experience that legislative experience cannot give. I think this is why Governors and Vice-Presidents have an easier time getting elected that Senators and Representatives. Now let's look at a list of potential 2008 nominees and beyond to see if they got what it takes:

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When will Bush learn there is no Saddam-Osama Connection

So I watched the President's speech today and I thought it wasn't very good, Bush gave no plan how to win in Iraq and he just kept repeating the same lines over and over that we have heard from him. The biggest issue that I had with this speech is that he still maintains the Saddam-Osama connection, this is just wrong and here is why:

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Let's hope that Gonzales get the remaining opening

Now first let me start off by saying that I have a problem with his torture memo but I know he is a moderate conservative and that the best we can hope for. If he is appointed the court is still the same as it was before Justice O'Connor retired. We can be outraged but there is nothing we can do about it. We lost the presidential election and I am sure conservatives were mad when President Clinton appointed 2 liberal justices to the bench but they could do nothing about it since they had lost the election and were not in power. So since Gonzlaez is the only moderate conservative Bush will consider we should hope he get the nod.

Happy Birthday President Clinton

Today is his 59th Birthday and I don't think I seen a better president in my 20 years, I don't think that he did one thing that I disagreeded with and here is a list of all his accomplishments for all to see the glory that is President Clinton:

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My top 5 favorite Presidents

As my 1st entry here at My DD I thought I would give my ranking of my top five presidents. Keep in mind that this is what I think and the rankings could be different for many of you. So here are my rankings:

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