How to respond to a conservative

So I was thinking for a while now wouldn't it be cool if someone could gather all, or most, of the things Conservatives say and post responses to them. Here is a list of all the responses I can think of if you can think of any more post them and hopefully this will be something that will help us all.

1. Liberals Hate America
Actually no we don't, we are proud of this country however we do realize that our country, like any other country has flaws and we have to fix them. It's a more grownup way of expressing our love for our country.

2. Liberals are soft on crime
Wrong again! If you look at the crime rates over the past 25 years since 1980 the crime rates have gone up every year till 1993, and then went down till 2001, until they started to increase again. Now if I remember correctly a Democrat was President during that time period and the reason the crime rate went down was because of certain bill passing such as the Brady Bill which prevented 611,000 criminals from getting guns which helped.

3. Liberals are against the War on Terror
Good god you cannot be more wrong. I am pretty sure most supports the war on terror, when it is actually fighting terrorists. Let's take the example of the War in Afghanistan; this war was supported because we knew the objective to take out Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, which are one and the same. With the War in Iraq it had nothing to do with terrorism because Saddam was a secular Muslim and Bin-Ladin was a fundamentalist Muslim. Those two groups do not like each other; they would not be friends. Also no WMD's were found and A CIA Report in 2004 confirmed that there were none in Iraq at the time of the outbreak of the war. Yes Saddam was a bad guy but we can't be taking out every bad leader on the planet, if we do why not go into Saudi Arabia and take out their leader. Also President Clinton dramatically increased his counter terrorism budget over his presidency. We don't support the Patriot Act because it infringes on civil liberties.

4. Liberals hate religion
Not true, most liberals are religious themselves but they realize that there is a separation of church and state and some people are not religious and that needs to be respected. The word God is not mentioned once in the constitution and our founding fathers wanted us to have a system of religious lazier-faire.

5. Liberals can't argue unless they used words like stupid
That's not true and you know it. We tend to use intellectual arguments when we debate and it the conservatives who use words like stupid. Just watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh. Ann Coulter told her audience once  "your stupider than I am" which shows the hypocrisy and I believe it more stupid.

6. Liberals want to create a welfare state
Well by welfare state create a state in which there is universal health care. Then yes we want to see a welfare state. The reason for this is basic human decency; take care of your fellow human beings that are less well off that you. Nobody should have to continue to be sick just because they can't afford help. Also don't worry about us turning into Socialists and Communists just look at Western Europe they all have universal health care and they all are strong capitalist countries. Stop fearing Communism, yes it is a flawed system but it is not an evil system that will destroy the world. The reason that the Soviet Union and other former communist countries were so bad was because they had dictators in power.  Also the argument that all the best doctors will leave if this happens to get paid more money is invalid. What the hell would they go? As stated before most industrialized countries already have universal health care so there are few options; such as Haiti.

7. Liberals hate the rich
Wow wrong once again. We do not hate the rich, in fact some of us are rich ourselves it just that when we call for tax increases on the rich instead of tax cuts we know that it would help the US Economy, by putting more money into it, and the rich can afford it more than the working class. President Clinton did this and the economy soared during his time of office. Supply side economics don't work, the rich don't put the money back into the economy the keep it with them. That's why Warren Buffet opposed tax cuts for the rich and I believe he has a little bit of money himself.

8. Liberals have no family values
Once again wrong as usual. If there is any ideology that doesn't have family values it's the conservative.  It's seems that all the prominent conservatives have time problems, whether its' leaving your wife when she is recovering from cancer surgery (Newt) or getting three divorces (Rush) or being a gambling addict (Bennett) it seems that Republicans have problems with family values and what family is it that has a lot of trouble with they kids getting arrested and getting into trouble? Oh yeah it's the Bush family? What party are they part of? (Here's a hint it not the Democrats).

9. Liberals favor drug use   
Really that's news to me. I know we favor medical marijuana because we know that terminally ill people are going to die and why not ease their pain while they are alive.

10. Liberals help the enemy by attacking President Bush during a time of war
Actually no we're not, we just disagreeing with the President's plan, which is a constitutional right. Also conservatives were very brutal in attacking President Clinton during the conflict with Kosovo, seems hypocritical.

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Re: How to respond to a conservative

Spot on!  I will remember this diary next time I have an argument with a conservative. Thanks.

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