The Only Way For Us ALL To Win

What's the way for us to WIN?

There is only one way. Politicians and career Washington types like Karl Rove are gaming the system and that is because we are too trusting of these career politicians. They are out of touch with the people. We need to reengineer America.

We need a campaign that STOPS BEING ABOUT PEOPLE AND STARTS BEING ABOUT ISSUES.. We should rewrite every process from the beginning looking at the goals first. We need to take new technology into account. The way we do things might have been great in 1776, when it took several DAYS for news to travel from, say Boston to Philadelphia, but now, we have real time video and sound, and the World Wide Web. We have digital signatures and instant vote tabulation. This means that we have the potential to have direct democracy soon. But we are still using 18th century technologies and procedures. They are laughing at us.

For example, why do we need to spend SO much WASTED ENERGY AND MONEY on politicians and politics when we could administer so much OURSELVES as communities, directly.

Parties as mediators, as middlemen, are sort of looking like like the layers of distributors and middle managers who are perhaps almost no longer needed. Any candidate that wants to win, they should accept that this needs to be much more of a two way street.

They should re-apply for their jobs, telling us why we should hire them.

Elections, are needed, but perhaps, four years might be something we want to vote on as a nation. Its much longer than it used to be. Four years is twenty eight years on the Internet, as they used to say. Its increasingly looking like twenty eight years in real life too.

I guess what I mean to say is we need a break from politics, but since that isn't about to happen, we should hire them in more of an 'as needed' manner. As contractors. Without health benefits, until we can afford them too. At the very least, they need to clear up any ambiguities and get buy in before getting the nomination.


A Contract WITH America, Not a Contract ON America. Sort of like a binding proposal.

But we need to get away from egos and personalities and back to public SERVICE. And especially integrity.

Issues not candidates. That should be the call.

That is the way democracy can remain strong. I personally would prefer that candidates would also agree in advance to step down if they profoundly lose the faith of the people who elected them.

Like in parlimentary democracies. They have the ability to have a vote of no confidence which saves face.

In japan, they used to have seppaku

Putting all government functions on a HUGE web site, in real time, by law is REALLY a good idea.

Not just dib dabs, with the idea of 'eventually' making the government 100% open and visible. This is government work, but it has to be like 'real world' of private industry, with heads rolling if they dont shape up. Transparency should be absolutely mandatory and there should be a deadline of, say thirty days to see the first draft or they should be required to retire. They would have to step down and let their opponent have a 30 day chance to do it right.

NO SECRET DEALS should be the law. Every conversation and letter of public officials and politicians should be public and searchable, and should have a backend where people can discuss and vote on it.

People should be able to determine appropriations, then the politicians should IMPLEMENT THOSE DIRECTIVES. they should never forget WHO they work for. They are replaceable.

That will bring REAL PEOPLE back into joyful involvement and make this a government of the people, by the people and for the people again.

Real time two way involvement, no more back rooms or no bid contracts. Every dollar should be trackable.

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Re: The Only Way For Us All To Win
Wow. I think this would be nice, but I doubt that this point would ever work:
Like in parlimentary democracies. They have the ability to have a vote of no confidence which saves face.
This works fine in some countries such as Canada.
But just take a look at Italy. Continous churn.
It works in some countries, but not in others. With our current divisivness we would have a no confidence vote at least once a year.
by devans 2008-02-25 07:21PM | 0 recs
Re: The Only Way For Us All To Win

"With our current divisivness we would have a no confidence vote at least once a year. " Agreed, but Fickleness is a more problematic factor. If the Founding Fathers had wanted a Parliamentary System, they would have done so. Yes, I agree there needs to be more transparency in Government, and I believe the web is ONE way to go. But this also eliminates a great many who neither have the savvy, the time, the access or the skill set to participate...let alone the understanding to "vote" the "right way" on issues of Federal import. We are a Representative Republic, not a Democracy, and that is for a reason. It is up to us to hold our officials to account. The thing that people seem to forget in all this is in answering the question " how will YOU be happy if OUR mutual official votes the way I prefer rather than the way YOU prefer?" While I agree that our elected officials should be the best representatives to their constituents, and special interest exposed,there ARE times when the constituency knows not of what they speak and sees their own self interest above the better of the whole. Hence, the Representational Republic.

"Taking back" the government is handled through the electoral process, or anarchy, or revolution. But history shows that no matter WHO reigns, and in no matter what form, those "at the top" are loathe to rid themselves of power when they reach the top of the hill. Our Founding Fathers had it right. VOTE the bums out.

by Artiste 2008-02-25 07:44PM | 0 recs
Re: I agree, we need to get back to the basics.

"Thats what I am talking about, something that would get everybody to engage and get informed on issues instead of arguing about nothings."

the PRESS, or, as Jeffreson said "the Fourth Estate" has woefully fulfilled their responsibility to inform in an unbiased manner. Wholesale propaganda is what we now have. In the vetting of important stories, in the vetting of political candidates...nothing. They serve teir own interest, the interests of their sponsors and the American people get the shaft. Yest we hang on every word about NON stories, like poor Brittany Spears and Anna Nicole Smith. The robber Barons are stealing us blind and the media either distorts OR FAILS TO REVEAL the truth.

No one reports FACTS with out spin. "Source say" "many people have wondered" etc. WHO? WHO ARE these "sources?" who has "Wondered?"

MOST Americans, despite your assertion, do not even know what Wickipedia IS. They do know what newspapers and television are. No doubt, over decades, this will change, and the checks and balances of Wickipedia are a microcosim for the workings of government. However, we have now a dangerous laziness in this country that creates this propaganda. We do not correct the record of our representatives. We do not challenge the press. We take what is written and say "that must be the way it is." And we certainly don't call them on their unsubstantiated charges. Why are "opinion shows" SO popular? Because they take NOTHING to create. Hot air. Assholes. And the REAL analytical thinking is either drown out or sidelined to late night or eliminated all together because it is not CIRCUS.

Even in this political campaign, not to center on the ISSUES and draw bright lines on POLICY , but swoon at personality or demonize those we do not agree with. And we the people let them. Don't like what Matthews or Hume, or O'Reilley say? Stop watching, start calling, and don't buy from their sponsors. But no...we turn on the tv, night after night, throw things, cheer, and then complain because "big Media" doesn't change. They don't because WE DON'T and THEY ARE FRIVING THE POLITICAL PROCESS because OUR lack of action. THEY do not drive US, WE drive them. Period. And we DO NOT NEED Politicians to be able to lead us to "change". THAT RESPONSIBILITY is upon US, no matter WHO they are.
Call your representative, volunteer in your community, feed a hungry person, but DO NOT base your choice to DO THIS upon your guy or my guy getting elected. Grass roots IS grass roots and ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL. Start bottom up. The net-roots have, but they are still going for the top first. Why? Because they expect the change to come from the top down. Start in your own back yard and Washington will listen. They will have to.

by Artiste 2008-02-25 08:16PM | 0 recs
late night typos

please forgive. off to bed :-)

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Thomas Jefferson believed...
we should have a Constitutional Convention every 19 years, and a revolution every 50 or so.

These are good ideas for Democracy 2.0, but how do we get from here to there?

by PhilFR 2008-02-25 07:34PM | 0 recs
No doubt revolutions are ugly...
and no doubt Jefferson knew that as well as anyone.

My question is more of: how do we move things from here? How do we, and even should we, have a Constitutional Convention... rewrite the rules. And how in the world could we do it without it being a corporate extravaganza?

by PhilFR 2008-02-25 08:04PM | 0 recs
If you like Jefferson...
You should check out the "Thomas Jefferson Hour Podcast". Great stuff.
by PhilFR 2008-02-25 08:06PM | 0 recs
Re: The Only Way For Us ALL To Win

You might be interested in the recent special section of the Economist, on e-governance and the problems it has faced: displayStory.cfm?story_id=10638002

by tomchaps 2008-02-25 08:52PM | 0 recs
Re: maybe the way to encourage something new and v
"maybe the way to encourage something new and vital is just to create it, even if it is just a prototype" - that sounds suspiciously like ... dare I say? ... HOPE.
by VT COnQuest 2008-02-25 11:35PM | 0 recs
Re: The Only Way For Us ALL To Win

Sounds like you support Obama's "new kind of politics".  Welcome to the team.

by NJIndependent 2008-02-26 12:50AM | 0 recs


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