Did Bob Gammage Vote Against Wiretapping Warrants?

Did Bob Gammage, a candidate for Texas governor, vote to give any president the unfettered authority to invade innocent citizen's privacy? Did Bob Gammage vote against the original FISA bill? In conference no less? Did he vote against fundamental constitutional checks and balances? A document indicated he did all the above and the rest of the story can be found at The Agonist.

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Re: Did Bob Gammage Vote Against Wiretapping Warra

Without more to go on, I can't get too upset about this. In 1978, one could reasonably have opposed FISA on the grounds that it make it too easy for the NSA to get wiretapping warrants. The secret FISA court is all but a rubber stamp, after all, and that was foreseen at the time.

Of course, even a rubber-stamp court is better than no oversight at all, which is why we're rightfully upset about Bush's illegal actions. But I don't think one can infer from one 28-year-old vote that Gammage supports Bush on this.

Still, it'd be nice to hear from Gammage what his reasons for opposing FISA were. I don't suppose there's a record of any floor speeches he made on the topic, by any chance?

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Re: Did Bob Gammage Vote Against Wiretapping Warra

Whoops.... "make" should have been "made" above.

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