helping "local" bloggers

A bit a propos Stoller's recent highlighting of a Las Vegas blog covering Nevada issues in a pretty on-the-ground and focused manner, I thought that it would be fantastic if we could do more to promote this important part of the progressive blogosphere.

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don't trust the polls

In the middle of my final dissertation draft, I present a few nitpicky points on polling.

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Flight 93 : The Movie

One of the ways I procrastinate more efficiently is on Apple's movie trailer site. Most movies made today are so predictable that you can pretty much get the whole thing -- and the most exciting bits -- by watching the sixty-second trailer.

In any case, new on the site today is Universal Picture's Flight 93. As you remember, Flight 93 was the one that crashed in Shanskville, PA, South of DC.

Read on for my analysis of the trailer, and thoughts on what the movie Flight 93 means. It's coming out in April, so get ready for a very spin-filled ride as the right-wing tries to put the Spirit of Bush in the aisle.

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