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    Well, until the old white male is gone (of which I am one), about 10-20 years, conservatism will hang on.   But after that, especially with Latinos being in the majority, it is dead as a door nail.

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    I hope they never go away.  Keep them in the news.  The more the public learns, the more they cant stand them.  The Media is doing us a favor.

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    Panicking?  How can I.  I no longer care.  Obama and the Dems had the chance to change this nation and what we got was George Bush III.  I have been voting since the 60s and never have I thought that it no longer matters if you vote . . until now.


    What's different from Bush?  Hardly anything.  Clinton?  Same thing.  Even the extreme Right didn't get what they wanted under Bush and the GOP.  It does not matter for whom we vote and I am DONE with "the lesser of two evils" argument.  Oh I'll vote when it is osmething like repealing Prop 8, but I, and millions more potential Dem voters are just done.  We are sitting home.  I/we no longer give a damn.

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    Will they listen????  HA  BIGGEST joke since time began.  They will NEVER listen.  They have us just where they want us, Right and Left in perpetual war.  As long as our government exists in its present form, nothing will change.

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    Sadly, I don't see him surviving the result of next Tuesday's special election.

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    I look at it this way.  At least Texas students will be absolutely noncompetitive in science.  They will be relegated to, well, Texas.

    WHAT a laughing stock.

  • The ideological purge of the GOP has left them with only the loons.  Dangerous to be sure, but loons nonetheless.

    Oh, and to answer your question, I give it til Tuesday before he goes crawling back to lick the boots of Limbaugh.

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    He sure as HELL doesn't speak for this white boy. And this white man is sick to DEATH of this country being run be fat, jowly white pigs.  I'm done.  Hell, let's give it to someone green . . . anybody but the white man.

  • And THAT is exactly what he needs to do.  The Right is running as far right as it can and has lost the middle.  This is right on schedule.

  • Agreed.  But the GOP hates the open primary as much as the Dems do. here.  I just don't see this one passing.

  • there is a major movement afoot to obliterate the GOP.  I don't know any Republicans (granted Republicans in CA aren't nearly as conservative as Nationally) that are going to vote Republican next election.  Their theory is that they need to essentially "kill" the current version of the GOP and then replace it with another.

    But CAs biggest problem is the Prop vote.  Props are all funded by special interests in order to govern by mob rule.  It has just about killed the state.

  • The loathing among even the Republicans I know for what the GOP has done to our state is palpable.  So many will be voting Dem for the first time next election.  Hope we make it til then.

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    I live in CA and am not an Arnold fan by any means, but this one isn't his fault.

    The problem is we have mob rule in CA (the moronic Proposition voting) and it takes a 2/3 vote to pass the budget.  The small number of Republicans we do have in office here are wild extremists, but they hold enough seats (by 1) to stop the budget from passing.  All they want to do is to kill the state.  And they HATE Arnold because he is a moderate Republican, especially on social issues.

    Unless and until CA gets rid of Prop voting and changes the idiotic 2/3 vote requirement the state will not recover.  Republicans here are in lock step to drive the state out of business.  You really think they want to reward us for giving all those electoral votes to the Dem Pres nominee every 4 years?  Oh, yeah, and they SO love Hollywood.

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    This is awesome, to be sure.  But he's just going to repeatedly take the 5th.  Make him do it, of course.  But he won't talk absent total immunity.

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    Perhaps Prop 8 was a blessing in disguise.  It is the beginning of a national movement of significant proportion.  It's making people look at this a a real social equality issue.  In any event, more power to us!


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