Charles Taylor (R-NC11) Advisor Leads Hate Rally

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BlogAsheville: "Did anyone else notice the HUGE two-page spread ad in the middle of today's Asheville Citizen-Times Home & Garden section? Was anyone else horrified and offended?

If you haven't seen it, let me tell you about it. The header on the left-hand side reads "What the Bible Says About SODOMY." Followed by, you guessed it, lots o bible verses, several taken out of context, as far as I can tell. Then there's a box at the bottom of the page that reads: "According to the Word of God, the gay lifestyle and their claim to be Christian does not agree with one another."
"Page two announces a rally to be held in Pack Square on Saturday at 11:00 "in SUPPORT of CHRISTIAN and CONSERVATIVE BUSINESSES and their RIGHT TO OPERATE according to FAMILY VALUES SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE (between one man and one woman) WHOLESOME WORK ENVIRONMENT (without oppression from the Sodomites & The Liberal Media)."

All punctuation errors and screaming caps are theirs, not mine."

See the Connection Between the Hate Rally Organizers and Congressman Taylor After the Jump

The second page of the advertisement had a list of approximately three thousand names of individuals, churches, and businesses who, ostensibly, endorse the view put forth there. At the very bottom of both pages is the name of the ad sponsors, "Christians United" and "IBOM".

IBOM stands for International Baptist Outreach Missions and is headed by Dr. J. Wendell Runion, whose lively mug adorns this post. The most interesting tidbit about Dr. Runion is near the bottom of his bio page, "Dr. Runion has also served with the Congressman of the 11th Congressional District as an advisor on church and religious matters since 1990."

The Congressman of the 11th District is, of course, our Charles Taylor. Taylor is one of the dirtiest campaigners in the nation, and this hate rally officially marks the beginning of his '06 run to keep his seat in Washington.

Here's the phone number to Taylor's local office: (828) 251-1988 (other contact info here) Please call and ask if Taylor supports the views of his religious and church advisor or if he plans to sever all ties with him.

Charles Taylor needs to know that a hate campaign will backfire on him. Dr. J. Wendell Runion has the right, as a private citizen, to run around hating whomever he likes. But Taylor has a responsibility to every constituent in his district, gay or straight, liberal or conservative, Christian or Pagan and must rebuke Dr. Runion for his hatemongering. Get on the horn, Hooligans, and take a stand.

{If you think this information needs wider attention, please follow this link to Daily Kos and recommend this story}

UPDATE #1: syntax tells us in the comments that he's spoken to Taylor's press secretary, Debra Potter, "she vehemently denied that taylor's office had anything to do with the rally on saturday.

she also said that taylor was invited to participate in the rally, but he declined.

on top of all that, she said that taylor does have several members of a "family council" from which he seeks advice (she didn't mention a name, and i didn't think to ask about it, but i can assume that dr. j. wendell runion is one of them), but for the most part she was most definitely in damage control mode. she even went as far as to tell me that she "didn't know why these groups do these things; they don't do anybody any good at all."

UPDATE #2: Brainshrub has more info and a lovely little picture of the ad.

UPDATE #3: The phone-answerer at the Taylor office is now saying that no one knows anything about Dr. Runion or the rally. She said that no one is in the office to answer questions. She suggested I contact Dr. Runion for more information.

So I tried. Here's the phone number to his local radio station: 1-828-252-1380 as well as a toll-free number for our farther flung Hooligans, 1-800-809-WKJV. The woman answering phones there said that Dr. Runion and Charles Taylor "talk sometimes" but was unable to confirm or deny anything further.

And here's another number at the IBOM HQ: 828-252-6750
And here's an email address for Dr. Runion:

You know what to do.

UPDATE #4: I called Congressman Taylor's D.C. office: (202) 225-6401. A staffer there said he didn't know enough about it, and he forwarded me on to Nancy Day and mentioned a prayer breakfast that Taylor is hosting tomorrow.

Nancy Day informed me that Dr. Runion is not on Taylor's staff and that Dr. Runion is no longer a practicing minister. She told me that Dr. Runion will be attending tomorrow morning's prayer breakfast with Congressman Taylor, and that the breakfast is open to the public. Crown Plaza (formerly Holiday Inn Sunspree) 8 a.m.

Any Hooligans care to have some breakfast?

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Re: Charles Taylor (R-NC11) Advisor Leads Hate Ral
I hope you do it.  Videotape it as well.  You could always go for the dry wit approach.  Get them to say that it is wrong for one group to impose their beliefs on another, but then slam them by saying they are doing the same.
Or, just march, yell, get it on the news with Taylor sitting right next to the fanatic.
by Robert P 2006-03-10 10:42AM | 0 recs
Great Find!

 You really aren't that screwy afterall.   Since Congress critters can run outside their district in NC I wish we could vote outside ours.  I'd make the trek up to your neck of the woods and cast a vote against Taylor.  You are doing great work.

by The Southern Dem 2006-03-10 12:31PM | 0 recs
Re: Charles Taylor (R-NC11) Advisor Leads Hate Ral

Taylor is a poster boy for lyin', cheatin', wingnut greed. Good catch.

by Anglico 2006-03-10 12:35PM | 0 recs


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