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    I'm going to go with 52%. Someone's got to play the part of the sunny, though possibly insane optimist.

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    You know, I don't really have much of a preference in this race, but this is a blatant mischaracterization of what the Bee is actually reporting. Angelides has not "gone dark," nor has Westly significantly "pulled ahead" in the polls.

    A Public Policy Institute of California poll last month showed the two candidates were about even, with Westly leading Angelides, 23 percent to 22 percent. Westly's position has improved slightly since he began airing television commercials in February, though a majority of likely Democratic voters (55 percent) remain undecided....

    Angelides has taken his commercials off the air indefinitely. His campaign has more than $14 million in cash, but it likely cannot spend dollar-for-dollar with Westly, a Silicon Valley multimillionaire who has largely self-funded his effort.

    These cartoonish anti-Angelides, pro-Westly posts are getting really tiresome. Quite frankly, I find it a little insulting that this is how someone has chosen to engage the MyDD community and the netroots in general.

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    PLAN has been paying attention to the MA health legislation, but they're neither behind it, nor working to push it out to other states. From their press release on the topic:

    "Extending health care coverage to 500,000 uninsured residents and increasing the subsidies for lower-income families is a wonderful advance in policy," said Steve Doherty, PLAN's Co-Chair. "But we believe that, as currently structured, the individual mandate to purchase health insurance is an unfair burden on struggling working and middle class families. Individuals should not be facing tax penalties of up to $1000 to enforce those mandates, even as irresponsible businesses that fail to provide health insurance are required to pay only $295 per employee."...

    PLAN expressed appreciation that the Massachusetts legislature resisted some of the more extreme measures proposed by Governor Mitt Romney and looks forward to the legislature working in the future to hold employers failing to provide health insurance responsible for more of the costs of the program. PLAN also criticized Governor Romney for pushing the individual mandate and disparaging efforts in other states seeking a single payer approach to providing comprehensive health coverage.

    Personally, I'm with PLAN. The MA bill isn't a bad thing, really. It's just not what I think is the best answer. It's just another band-aid on a system that's bleeding out.

    PS - My apologies to everyone for the light posting. I'm away on business and far busier than I thought I'd be.

  • But isn't the UMDNJ scandal more about personal politics than party politics? (I could be wrong about this. I've been too busy to follow the story as closely as I'd like to.)

    Either way, the NJGOP has plenty of problems with corruption and nepotism on their own.

  • You really ought to post this (or an edited version, anyway) as a diary at Behind the Steel Curtain. Heads will explode.

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    Assuming that progressives care about taking power or even being relevant, it's soon going to be time to make lists of candidates who deserve primary challenges in 2008.  There's just no other way to save the country.

    I think it's at least an understandable mistake in this case.

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    http://nymag.com/news/politics/16584/ind ex.html

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     ... there is no evidence he personally is as out of touch with his constituency as Lieberman.

    Does helping to recruit Tom Suozzi to run against Eliot Spitzer count?

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    The term "ghetto slut" doesn't phase you, even when applied to a member of Congress? I guess you're just more jaded than I am.

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    Thing is, Kean Jr's poll numbers were weirdly high early on because voters thought he was his father. His numbers dropped as people realized it wasn't former Governor Tom Kean running for Senate, but his son, who really hasn't done much of anything in his relatively young, privileged life. Now officially for campaign purposes, he's gone the whole way with the confusion strategy, actually dropping the Junior. It's really lame. So long story short, I will never refer to Kean Jr as anything but Kean Jr, as he is, in fact, Kean Jr.

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    And all of those physical grassroots operations will be run by unpaid volunteers working out of people's homes for free, using their residential phone and internet service. It'll be awesome!

    There really is something to be said for not throwing good money after bad, but seriously, the money is still needed for more than just ineffectual television ads. If you don't want to contribute, that's your prerogative, but that hurts potentially winning campaigns as much as it does the losers. If you pull the rug out from under the Democrats, you're not going to wind up with stronger Democrats. You're going to wind up with more powerful Republicans.

  • LOL

    Suuuure, Sarah. We all know about the secret Carter for Senate netroots campaign to troll rate everyone who doesn't max out their donations. We're on to you guys... ;)

  • I could be wrong Sarah, but I think neutron was trying to say that he's broke...

  • DUH! This was an especially stupid flub as, while I was writing it, I kept thinking "it's Frontier, not Freedom." Needless to say, it's a mistake I often make.

    Thanks for the catch -- it's edited accordingly.

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    Stan Matsunaka.

    I learned early on to right-click the image and check out the file name.


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