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    Matt is not joking about this.  I have never seen Senator Menendez happier than when he is bowling.

    Need proof?

    (Oh, and that's me taking photos over his shoulder.)

  • The fact that the rumors of corruption are overblown is something that's been widely reported in both the local and national media.  Just yesterday, FactCheck.org -- an organization that often goes maddeningly out of their way to be balanced -- called the Kean Jr camp out for wildly exaggerating claims about the Senator.

    And we are winning New Jersey right now.  The fact that it's not "easily" is a function of the Kean family brand, not any perceived "weaknesses" of Senator Menendez that you fail to describe in detail.

    Sorry if I sound a little defensive about this.  The fact of the matter is that, while I am on the payroll here, I have nothing but respect for Senator Menendez and nothing but disdain for Tom Kean Jr's lying, sleazy, no-class campaign.

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    Right now, there is no TV version. However, our latest TV spot hits pretty hard as well...

    Click here to watch it at YouTube.

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    So far, everything's been debunked. Senator Menendez will most certainly continue to be the candidate in this race.

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    I think 8% is actually a substantial percentage of voters to think that the GOP candidate is someone else, especially someone they're pretty comfortable with.

    And in the 'hit back hard' department, I'd direct you to our latest radio spot, "Shattered." I think you'll like it.

    http://www.menendez2006.com/audio/shatte red_ad/

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    This is absurd speculation. I love Dick Codey, but Senator Menendez isn't going anywhere. There's no reason for him to back down in the face of a baseless smear campaign.

  • We've just got to keep using the word 'Junior' and hope for the best. Honestly, once the ad war really begins in earnest, people will know who's running in this race.

  • Wow. I'm really surprised to read this. Obviously, I don't work for the Senate office, so I can't speak to the fact that you haven't heard anything back. But I can speak to the facts here.

    Senator Menendez was one of the first Senators to indicate that he would support the winner of the Connecticut Senate primary.

    On June 30th, as no less a source than Ned Lamont's campaign site noted, the Senator gave the following statement to The Hartford Courant:

    "I support the party nominee and I'd be hard-pressed not to support that one," said Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., of Lamont.

    That was pretty clear, I think, and every major listing of Lamont supporters in the Senate included Senator Menendez.

    As if that wasn't enough, after the CT-Sen primary, the Senator issued another statement of support for Ned Lamont at the the Menendez Blog:

    Joe Lieberman is a good friend and an excellent Senator who has served his country with dignity. He ran a hard-fought campaign, but the voters of Connecticut have spoken, and I support their decision. I fully support Ned Lamont's candidacy.

    Americans are fed up with George Bush's status quo policy in Iraq, and last night they spoke loudly and clearly that they want leaders who will take the country in a new direction. The choice for New Jersey voters is simple. I will stand up to George Bush and his failed policy in Iraq, and Tom Kean Jr. will be just another rubber stamp for the status quo.

    I agree with what you're saying about the Senate office needing to do a better job of getting in touch -- I'm a constituent before I'm a campaign staffer. But I can't help but thinking that the Senator's actions -- standing with military families against the Iraq War in Teaneck, standing with workers at the controversial UMDNJ nurses' strike, taking part in a DFA-sponsored Iraq War forum in Morristown, etc. -- are far more important than any form letter you might receive when it comes to maintaining a relationship with the base.

  • Actually, no.  I think you make some really interesting points, but it was really hard to read this.  Stoller's comment was neither snarkiness without merit nor terrible.

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    I'd argue that your problem is not the ethics of, for example, commenting on Warner's prospects for President while you work to elect Menendez for Senate but is instead the practical reality that as a Menendez staffer what you say publicly may be used against Menendez. That is a reason for silence. Some perceived need to be "ethical" is not.

    True. But a number of grey areas develop in this, as well. What if I blog positively about a 2008 candidate's prospects and then that candidate's PAC contributes to the campaign I'm working for? Couldn't someone allege that it was quid pro quo? It would be kind of silly considering the impact my blog posts might have, but the critics absolutely could -- and would -- attack my ethics for that.

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    YES! And admitted to by a New Yorker, no less!

    I knew there was a good reason I liked you, Dr. Feldman.

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    Personally, when I joined the Menendez campaign, I made the announcement, stopped blogging on the front page here, put a very obvious 'Menendez for Senate' link in my sig file, noted my job in my user profile, and left it at that. I try to make it obvious in every diary I post that I'm on the Menendez for Senate staff and so far, I haven't caught any flack.

    Having seen what some people have thrown at Jerome, I knew I needed to go the distance and make sure there was no room for questions. There are tons of races I'd love to comment on here, dKos, Swing State, Blue Jersey, etc., but I just can't. It's frustrating sometimes, but that's the price you pay to work on a campaign you really believe in.

    Now, because you all value my honesty, give my candidate money. ;)

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    Gee, Chris, whomever could you be referring to?

    I'm pretty excited to get blogging again. Total withdrawals...

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    We shouldn't neglect to mention Students for Tester. Something tells me there might be a few folks here interested in joining that group.

    Also, it's worth noting that you don't have to be a current student to sign up for an account at Facebook. I got a free alumni account from Rutgers and was able to get started right away.

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    I don't remember the issue, but I vividly remember listening to Schultz in my car one day complaining that bloggers weren't covering one issue or another. It was specifically something I'd written about that morning and had seen a number of others cover on the front pages of other sites as well.

    Now, I can deal with someone not paying attention to what goes on among the netroots. But offering up criticisms of something when you have no idea what you're talking about? Please...


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