• You may be surprised by DelCo. Much of Clinton's "base" here, that is the white working class, are registered Republicans who vote Democratic in federal and statewide races. Obama will run strong in the heavily black towns like Chester, Colwyn, Darby and Yeadon, and he'll also do very well in the wealthier white suburbs and college towns. While I don't think Obama will run better here than in Philly, he could easily break 60 in DelCo.

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    actually, the redistricting happened in 2001.

  • TR'ed, because you can't by definition cannot perjure yourself in statements for the press.

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    This would make the soccer moms - and pretty much anyone else with children - scream.

    Video: Barack Obama in a tuxedo at a fat-cat fundraiser.

    Audio: "Barack Obama drinks Chateau D'Yquem and eats artisanal cheeses."

    Video: Hillary Clinton throws back a whiskey at Bronko's Restaurant.

    Audio: "Hillary Clinton knows how to drink like a real American!"

    Video: Clinton slams her shot glass on the bar and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand.

    Audio: "I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this ad. I also approve Jell-O shots."

    Video: Clinton grins and motions to the bartender for another.

    Audio: "Hillary Clinton. She drinks like you do."

    Jell-O shots?

    This is snark, right?


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