At The End of the Line was Hillary

Last night was a little unusual in my quiet life.  At a local college in NW Pennsylvania, a rally was planned for Hillary Clinton, with just a couple of days notice. As might have  been expected, the plans were poorly made for the size of the crowd that arrived to see Hillary.  Because you see, we haven't had a primary in Pennsylvania in many decades and practice is needed in what to expect.  We have just had to go along with whatever the rest of the country decided for us.  Not this time.

I object to poorly made plans at rallies like this because I usually end up being tortured by the results as I and so many others were made to do last night.  We waited in 38 degree weather for over 2 hours to get into the rally. We waited in bitterly cold wind and snow , and because the weather had changed significantly during the day many of us had thin spring jackets on. My friends and some family members arrived an hour and forty-five minutes early, and waited in a line that wound all the way across campus before we were cleared by security and could go in. But in the end, after all the hassle and cold, people were roaring when Hillary walked into the room, and were ready to show her how much we appreciated the time she took to stop there.

But, that is not what I am writing to tell you about last night.  Most of all, I want to explain how my heart unexpectedly swelled when I was walking onto the floor of the gym where the rally was held.  I was so proud of the people of Pennsylvania and my small city for coming to show their support for Hillary Clinton, and for encouraging her to stay in the fight until the end.  This despite announcements coming from all sides from Obama supporters, politicians, and media telling us that the campaign is all over, and we shouldn't claim a right to vote our hopes and dreams for the "sake of the party".  Really, it seems their calls are for the sake of Obama, and themselves, without a thought to millions of others who participate in the same society as equals.  In my city in my state, we have not even begun to fight and it is telling that there is such tremendous interest in a candidacy that supposedly is not alive, and barely limping along.

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