• What's a great example of an absolutely tortured metaphor in right wing journalism?

    Or what's a great example of an absolutely tortured argument made by a Wal-Mart apologist?

  • It's a good point you make that the Holidays tend to bring out the crazy in a lot of people, Richard-- and it's also true that there are plenty of big box stores that seek to lure huge crowds with cheap deals.

    But Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in America and indeed in the history of the world, lured a crowd of 2,000 to an event titled a "door buster", made it clear to those drawn there that inventory was limited to fewer advertised items than there were people in attendance, did not adhere to industry standards for such events such as providing tickets to customers in a queue, failed to open the doors at the advertised time, and sent a single untrained temporary worker out to hold back the surging throng as they went ahead and broke those doors as beckoned.

    So no, the same thing could not have happened anywhere. It would happen at a place at which gross negligence is facet of standard operating procedure-- a place like Wal-Mart.

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    Kudos, GeekMommy, for your impressive detective work, deducing that I have "an axe to grind"-- a very apt phrase for describing my overall aim here, which is to shed light upon the heinous nature of the company for which you are such a happy shill. What was your first clue-- my statement that I'm working with Wake-Up Wal-Mart?

    Unfortunately, you've still got a long way to go before you reach a level of reading comprehension commensurate with basic literacy.

    Aside from noting that I'm not a right-wing nutjob, and that I consequently am disinclined to apply the word "jihad" to everything I don't like, and that I therefore did not use that word anywhere in the above diary, I'll just leave you to your studies.

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    Right-- they tacitly endorse it.

    This is but one iteration of a huge trend... this happens to women at Walmart locations all across America, on a regular basis.

    To quote the commenter prgsvmama26 at Daily Kos:

    The oppression of breastfeeding mothers is not isolated.  The FirstRights.org has dozens of cases reported of similiar behavior at WalMarts around the country, even where the state laws are on the mother's side.

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    The laws of individual states?
    Or women's rights in general?
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    From their parasitic growth policy, to their mendacious price gouging, to their refusal to offer adequate healthcare to employees while pawning those same employees onto governmental assistance, to their tax avoidance schemes, to their bullying of employees into voting Republican-- Walmart is a crucial facet of the GOP agenda to loot America.

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    Very thoughtful, architek-- If I understand what you're getting at, you're suggesting that our concept of strict national borders belies our common bond as human beings-- that the notion of "place" is much more in flux than we tend to acknowledge, and that basic human decency entails are certain compassion toward those in geographical transition... If that's what you're getting at, I agree... But at the same time I do think it's important to have some sense of national solvency at our borders... yes, people travel to or from this nation of ours for various reasons, but it's important to be able to document visitors and emigres alike: we need an immigration reform that is at once humane and comprehensive. And the study linked to above indicates that the citizens of several immigration-heavy states that are battlegrounds in this election overwhelmingly support exactly that sort of legislation:
    Florida 73% Colorado 68% New Mexico 69% Nevada 72%
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    Do you have an opinion?
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    "Bob, listen up: you're not stacking that right. Anyway, on election day, when you're not here at Wal-Mart and you're on your own time, I want you to vote against those Democrats, alright? For the good of the company. Now get back to work, and step to it. By the way, I clocked you out for this little break."

    Yeah, Wal-Mart! That's going to go over SO WELL.

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    But if Ms. Smith had lost the receipt for her purchase, she'd have been manhandled by a security guard on the way out and the police would arrive to book her shortly.

    The dystopian world of Wal-Mart: where the only crime that counts as crime is a mindless infraction of arbitrary rules, and interpersonal assaults are just part of the day.

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    Is there anything Wal-Mart loves more than ruining the lives of disadvantaged employees?

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    "they have made their suppliers cut back on waste"

    --Are you referring to the type of "waste" that entails paying workers a living wage? Yes, they do force suppliers to cut back on that.

    There's no way you can be referring to the type of waste that entails destroying the environment-- I'm just assuming you have too much self-respect to shovel that nonsense. I don't care what they say in their press releases; I care about reality.

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    "Now, with Wal-Mart's latest decision to serve the radical right's agenda, Wal-Mart has shown not only how out of touch they are, but that they openly choose to stand with right wing groups, and candidates like John McCain."

    -- Well said, but Letterman said it even better: "John McCain looks like a Wal-Mart greeter."

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    The horse race is the horse race. What I want to know, irrespective of who wins:

    What are they going to be up to on day one?

    Let's make our democracy more democratic-- let's all play a role in setting the agenda.


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