The Dark Side of Election 08

I have a theory and want to know what you all think.

I posted these comments today, at the bottom of a descending thread at Open Left from yesterday, My Frustrating Ignorance On The Campaignby: Chris Bowers where Bowers wonders about why Obama's numbers are creeping steadily down.

I don't know how much this has been talked about, having been preoccupied by local primary races, but I'd like to see what others think:

I believe the strategy McCain/Palin is using now is this: Promote a myth people want to believe and scoff at a reality people prefer to believe is not true. And I think there's a parallel darker campaign being deployed (below).

Maybe that's overly simplistic, but it speaks to a gut feeling that I have.

Overwhelmed and frightened people want desperately to believe in a strong father who will make decisions for them, and tell them (firmly, parentally) they don't need to do their own thinking and deciding. And that things are okay, really, they are okay, you can trust me, believe me.

During a campaign, this is a myth that works, because people WANT it to be true, very badly, and because it won't be put to the test until governance begins. Then the wheels fall off, as in Bush, life gets measurably worse for everyone and the lie is revealed. Obviously too late -- the damage has been done.

There's more...

Nader vote trading this year?

I traded my vote in 2000 and I'm starting to wonder if this might be a small piece of insurance we shouldn't overlook this year.

I found this site:

and it seems to be legit.

The reasoning ought to be the same as last time:  if you're a Kerry voter in either a Kerry OR Bush 'safe' state, you are paired with a Nader voter in a swing state.  You vote Nader in your 'safe' state, and your counterpart votes Kerry in their swing state.  Each side of the transaction benefits.

The VotePair site seems to be foolproof.  You can't proceed if your state isn't safe.

Any thoughts on this?  Good idea?  Bad?  Waste of energy?  

I know that there are varying opinions on "The Nader Factor" this year.  I can't help but feel that even a few Nader votes could cause us big trouble -- depending on where they're cast.

dirty trick to watch for?

Just saw this article at Rocky Mountain News on cell phone jammers being used in a church in Mexico.
Reporters noticed they couldn't phone their editors.

Not to be paranoid, but is it possible such devices could be used strategically (though illegally) to disrupt poll watching on election day?

Here's a quote:

"Purchased for about $2,000 each, they can be turned on by remote control and emit low-level radio frequencies that thwart cell phone signals within a 100-foot radius.

Users get a "no service" or "signal not available" message on their cell phones.

Although Mexico has no law against the devices, the private use of cell phone blockers is illegal in the United States and most Western countries.

But the tide is turning."

NYT story on registration fraud and...

(free registration is required) It's good news that the story is breaking into the mainstream.

The story begins with this:

Judge Rules for Democrats in Dispute Over Ohio Voting

Published: October 15, 2004
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 14  -  A federal judge in Toledo ordered this state's Republican secretary of state on Thursday to count so-called provisional ballots filed in the wrong precincts, a victory for Democrats...

and ends with info on Sproul & Co.

W should get the Gore treatment

I just sent an email to Chris Matthews (Hardball, MSNBC):

Hey Chris!

Remember all the talk in 2000 about Al Gore's continuous attempts to remake himself?   I'd like to see a little notice taken of our president's own efforts to refurbish his persona from debate to debate...   while John Kerry has maintained a calm, cool, informed, factual and CONSISTENT demeanor throughout.   Dare I say presidential?

Fair is fair.   Gore was lampooned mercilessly for his style shifts.  How about W?

Debate 1:   I Just Ate A Lemon   AKA   Someone Get Me to a Chiropractor, Fast!
Debate 2 :   Furious George
Debate 3:   Mr. Chuckles

I'm just sayin'...


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