Oregon Special Kills Mass in Youth Turnout

Turns out if you do youth outreach in an election you have higher youth turnout.

If you read my take on the returns from the Massachusetts special election for the US Senate race then you know that Mass had some issues with reaching out to young voters. There was some confusion about who was going to do it.. or if it was going to happen... Someone even suggested the youth outreach was "well the President came..."

In the great state of Oregon we have a fantastic organization who has worked for years to get young voters to the polls, but also be engaged during years in between. The Oregon Bus Project worked the hell out of this special election and the results were noticeable.

In Massachusetts they had a turnout of 15% of 18-29 year olds for the special election. In the Oregon's special election about 24% turnout of youth voters (preliminary estimates from CIRCLE)


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CA-SoS: SFC Endorsement goes to Bowen

Democratic candidate and voting rights advocate Senator Debra Bowen was officially endorsed by the San Francisco Chronicle this morning after an extensive public debate before their editorial board last Wednesday.

The Chronicle advocates:

"In Bowen, California would have a secretary of state who is asking the right questions and has the grounding to know when she is getting straight answers. She recognizes that a conversion to electronic voting systems must be accompanied by appropriate safeguards -- such as paper trails and open source software -- that maintain public confidence in the electoral process."

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CA-SOS: Bowen Viability

A new article in the San Jose Mercury News finally acknowledges what we have known all along:  

Debra Bowen will win on November 7th and this race is perhaps the more interesting of the California Statewides

"As elections go, the campaign for secretary of state is generally a sleeper: Voters rarely pay attention to the issues -- and the incumbent almost always wins.

But this year's challenge between incumbent Bruce McPherson, a Santa Cruz Republican, and state Sen. Debra Bowen, D-Redondo Beach, is shaping up to be one of the more competitive races." 

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KS-02 Boyda Winning in Kansas

Believe it or not the political climate in Kansas is such that the democratic challenger is beating a 6 term incumbent.

Yes that's right folks Nancy Boyda - is beating republican SUV Driving Runner Jim Ryun.  

Boyda did a news conference today announcing her poll

"Ladies and gentlemen, the race is on," Boyda said at a news conference. "David is beating Goliath. Grassroots democracy is beating big money."

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KS-02 Ryun+SUV=Good Energy Policy??

A new ad running by Rep. Jim Ryun (R-KS) which you can see here:

Advocates Jim Ryun's hard work on creating sound energy policy and fuel independence that is consistently blocked by liberal environmental extremists.  

Funny thing... he talks all about his hard work for the environment all the while gassing up his gas guzzling SUV - careful Jim... your right wing conservatism is showing!

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