• That's the thing about a youth outreach program.  The most important is re-registration, second is the same kind of information that you would be hitting other voters with.  They'll see the adds on TV, they'll get pitched from campaigns, but they should also be part of the GOTV operation.  Everyone tunes out the TV ads and such, but the GOTV operation brings them out, and my guess was that there was no comprehensive program done here the way it was in Oregon where re-registration and GOTV were critical

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    I wish we could just recall him

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    this is a really important post and I'm grateful you did it - thank you!

  • boyda's whole message in 2006 was that she was not seeking big money that her campaign was funded by individuals which is why she didn't raise or spend as much as Ryun did.  If she turns around and now accepts tons of PAC money to stay in office how is that going to look?  I don't think she'll do that.  

    I think that being a DCCC target puts her in a position to receive more PAC money but i think it also puts her in a position to call more individuals in other areas.  Plus she won't have Claire and Sebelius hoovering up all the Kansas City and Wichita money so I think that will help too.

    I sent her $500 so far and I'm going to try and max out by the end of the year - I encourage others to send what they can.

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    these aren't partisan issues - these are right vs. wrong - and approving electronic voting equipment that is illegal in the state of california is not only wrong it is irresponsible.


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