NV-Sen - Carter on Stem Cells and other campaign updates

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Hi, everyone.  As you know, my Dad is Jack Carter, who's running for US Senate in Nevada.  In this post, I'll give you an update on some exciting things that are going on with the campaign.  Here's what's in store:

  • Jack Carter's statement on Stem Cell Research
  • The upcoming Rockin', Guitar-pickin', Politickin' tour
  • "Coffee with the Carters"

Stem Cell Research

As you all know, the Senate voted just yesterday on a bill that would provide federal funding for medical research involving embryonic stem cells.  It passed, but doesn't have a veto-proof majority.  My Dad's opponent, John Ensign, is part of the problem: he voted against it.  My Dad strongly supports stem cell research and science in general (I mentioned in a previous post that he got a big round of applause from a group of Reno Democrats when he said he believed in evolution).  In response to the Senate vote, he released this statement:

    "The US Senate voted today in favor of federal funding for the most promising medical research opportunity in our lifetime. My wife Elizabeth's father died of early onset Alzheimer's before I met her and I know how hard that was for her and her family. Embryonic stem cell research is too late for him, but it provides a beacon of hope for the victims of Alzheimer's and their families today. ALS and cancer are among other diseases which scientists and doctors have targeted with this technique.

   "Senator Ensign's 'No' vote stood alone in the Nevada Congressional Delegation. He voted against the wishes of Nancy Reagan who had to watch her husband deteriorate over the years. He voted against many in his own party including Senators Orrin Hatch from Utah and Majority Leader Bill Frist. He also voted against a wide range of advocacy groups, health organizations, research universities, scientific societies and religious groups who supported the bill.

   "Senator Ensign's vote is directly against the interest of research within Nevada. The proposed funding could support new research programs at the Nevada School of Medicine, the Nevada Cancer Institute, or the planned Lou Rovo Alzheimer's Institute.

   "I urge him to reconsider his vote should President Bush exercise his first veto in 6 years to block the passage of this legislation. It is imperative that the medical future of the American people is developed inside the United States, with the best facilities, doctors, and researchers. If we fail here, this research will move to other regions of the world to our detriment."

Rockin', Guitar-pickin', Politickin' Tour

On Sunday, my Dad will kick off a 4-day, 11-town, Rockin', Guitar-Pickin', Politickin' tour through rural Nevada!  He'll be traveling around with musicians Jason  Holcomb and Barry Van Wie.  They'll be coming and going in a tour truck that can be converted to a sound stage within 15 minutes and packed up just as quickly.  Knowing my Dad, there's no way that he'll be able to restrain himself, and I'm sure he'll play some guitar himself.  It'll be really, really fun.  Here's the schedule of events (for more details, click here):

Sunday, July 23
11:30 a.m. - Tonopah
4:30 p.m. - Hawthorne

Monday, July 24
10 a.m. - Austin
2:30 p.m. - Eureka
7:00 p.m. - Ely

Tuesday, July 25
10 a.m. - West Wendover
2 p.m. - Wells
7 p.m. - Battle Mountain

Wednesday, July 26
9 a.m. - Lovelock
1 p.m. - Fernley
4:30 p.m. - Yerington

"Coffee with the Carters"

My Dad has begun to have "Coffee with the Carters" events whenever he can.  We just set up a time when he'll be at a coffee shop or bookstore and anyone who wants to stop by and meet him is welcome.  We believe that this will be a great way for people to get to know my Dad.  There was an event in Reno last Sunday morning, and a great local blogger went and reported back (with pictures!): Myrna the Minx at Reno and its Discontents wrote this post (excerpts here, but you should read the whole thing):

The minx was able to meet Jack and Elizabeth Carter this morning at Java Jungle in downtown Reno (Wefi central). Being an admirer of his father, Jimmy Carter, I expected to like them and admire them, but even I was suprised by how impressive I found them to be. They are extremely down to earth, friendy, intelligent, and warm people. They easily circulated through the gathered crowd and talked about anything that came up. One thing that stuck out to me was the wonderful ease they have with each other-their warm relationship with each other certainly translates into an easy relationship with the people they meet.

. . .

Jack Carter was very eloquent, and although he appeared calm, he was also clearly passionate about how important it is to change our current political situation. He spoke most passionately about reclaiming the Democratic mission which is, in the simpliest terms, to work for the working men and women of America. Iraq, healthcare, the environment-these are not Democratic and Republican issues, they are problems for the American people that need to be solved whether you are a Republican or a Democrat. He was authentic and sincere-just the kind of person we need to represent us in Washington.

We think that our best strategy is going to be for my Dad to meet as many people as possible one-on-one.  We're hoping that these "Coffees with the Carters" will help us do that.

Thanks for reading!  And Let me know what you think!

Carter Blog

P.S. Happy Blogosphere Day!

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Re: NV-Sen - Carter on Stem Cells/campaign updates

Sarah, you rock!  And Jack rocks! And Jimmy! Your whole family embodies that which makes America great!

When Jack wins in November, all the beltway pundits and media chatterers will be scratching their heads, declaring it one of the most surprising, unforeseeable upsets of the 2006 elections.  

But no one who's been reading your updates will be surprised.

by admiralnaismith 2006-07-19 09:44AM | 0 recs


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