Oregon Students Share Common Cause With Michelle Obama

The senior boys of Marshfield High School, in Coos Bay, OR, will be pleased to know they are in prestigious company with their fundraising efforts for the Share Bear Snack Pack program.

bear share snack pack coos bay

The day after these boys raised $10,000 through the annual Mr. MHS Pageant, the First Lady held her own Snack Pack event to mark her 100 days in the White House.  Joining her were 150 Congressional spouses, members of both parties because Mrs. Obama said it was important for America to see them come together, “Not as Republicans or Democrats or independents - there's no ideology.  It's just all of us people who care about our country and want to make service a core part of the work we do.''

The Snack Pack program provides weekend meals to kids who normally eat free meals at school during the week.  The program has proven enormously popular with teachers who have expressed real surprise at the improved behavior and attention span of the kids when they return on Monday. 

Michelle Obama 100 days snack pack volunteer

Mrs. Obama and the Congressional members hoped to fill 2,000 packs, while the Marshfield High School senior boys raised enough money to expand the program to another Coos Bay elementary school next year.

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