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The fight for health care for all Americans has moved to center court with increased movement by the President, House and Senate.  The President and House members announced that there will be a healthcare reform bill through the House by July 31.  "Our legislation will be on the floor by the end of July, I am quite certain," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said outside the White House.  After signing credit card reform by his Memorial Day schedule, there's every reason to believe it will happen on schedule.  "We've got to get it done this year. Both in the House and the Senate. We don't have any excuses. The stars are aligned." the President said.

Senator Kennedy also announced his return to the Senate to work on health care reform this week.  He is expected to retake the chair of the HELP Committee with an aide confirming that "The HELP Committee is on track for a markup in June but no definitive date in June has been set." This coincides with an April letter to the President wherein he and Senator Baucus promised June markup of the legislation.
http://finance.senate.gov/press/Gpress/2 009/prg042009.pdf

The fight will officially go to the ground on June 6th, with a series of house parties across the country along the lines of the Listening Tours that Organizing For America has hosted for several months.  Amy Hamblin has done a great job of blogging these events, so be sure and check that out and look for a Listening Tour near you.

Then you can join David Plouffe in creating the strongest grassroots effort this country has ever seen to make sure we get the health care reform we deserve, most importantly a public plan option which President Obama absolutely does support.

From David Plouffe:

"On June 6th, thousands of people just like you are beginning to organize for health care reform by hosting or attending a Health Care Organizing Kickoff.

"This moment is so critical that President Obama will join registered hosts and attendees on a live conference call next week.

"No experience is required to host or attend-we'll give you everything you need to make it a success.

"At these kickoffs, you'll watch a special message from the President, meet like-minded supporters in your neighborhood, make plans for reaching out in your community-and start to put those plans in action.

"Together, we'll win health care reform the same way we won the election: Building support one block, one neighbor, one conversation at a time. Please sign up today."

http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/h ckickoff

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Lets assume that for most Americans who don't work for the insurance industry, and even many who do, their ultimate goal is not preserving the insurance industry alongside whatever healthcare system we end up with, no, ALMOST ALL AMERICANS GOAL IS HEALTH CARE ACCESS THEY CAN AFFORD WHENEVER AND HOWEVER THEY NEED IT.

In speaking with a number of Senate staffers last week, I got a very strong feeling that many of them and we are not on the same wavelength on single payer, but we do mutually understand a lot of things.. Unpleasant things that the average American is in denial about. Money and health care and what Obama isn't telling us about the cost - because it makes it overwhelmingly clear that we only have one 'option' if we want affordable healthcare and that is SINGLE PAYER. (There isn't another 'option' that works. SORRY.)

LET ME EXPLAIN WHY.. FIRST - peel away the hype..
Sick people aren't profitable!

I know, I am one of the people whose healthcare costs probably exceed the premiums paid. People should not believe the people saying that they can save enough to make a difference. WHY ARE THEY SAYING THAT? because THEY HAVE TO TO MAKE YOU SWALLOW A PUBLIC OPTION THAT MEANS YOU WONT GET THE CARE YOU NEED SO THAT SOMEBODY ELSE CAN KEEP TAKING FAR TOO MUCH OF OUR MONEY.

(The truth is that its going to lose money as healthy people leave because its going to be too expensive. Having two separate billing systems side by side is going to mean something approaching 40% of each healthcare dollar will end up being spent on paperwork! MORE THAN NOW!)

Please, realize these things about this vague "public option" (a term that really is classic Obama in that it means all things to all people..and doesn't commit to anything EXCEPT that we CAN'T within its constraint -that anything "public" must remain optional)

Its based on a reality distortion field that boggles the imagination!

That entire complicated, expensive illusion HAS BEEN BUILT FOR ONE PURPOSE AND ONE PURPOSE ALONE, TO DECEIVE YOU...


To prevent Americans from doing the ONE thing that GUARANTEES AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE FOR ALL, which is move to ONE SINGLE, single payer structure that saves literally a third of every health care dollar (the HUGE amount of money that we currently spend on PAPERWORK..)

Just as you can't 'be a vegetarian' and eat meat..we can't save that large amount of money we need to make healthcare affordable without single payer..You can't have public optional and eat from the plate of savings, which is IMPROVED HEALTHCARE QUALITY FOR LESS MONEY, no if we drink the Kool Aid of public option we will be enjoying FAR LESS health care quality because we will be spending that money on an expensive luxury, BILLING COMPLEXITY..

Just like we are "spending" a lot of our hard earned "capital" on something else, a flashy new President who speaks circles around us...

Wow... he's a lawyer!

Per haps we should have picked the slightly older, but reliable model?
now we have to work with what we've got..

If we drink the Kool Aid of public optional and affordability optional, the unproven medical procedure. the new public plan that insures those who need it the most IF THEY CAN PAY THE PREMIUM - we will have to work with the increased COST.

SO, we will STILL eventually need massive subsidies (subsidies we've already been told aren't coming)

The luxury we are spending so much on , what is it?

Its that OPTIONAL.. its that PUBLIC PLAN remains OPTIONAL, without SINGLE (not multiple) payer..


Still with me? I'm telling you, Senate staffers do understand this far.. and they agree..this is whats coming..



SO, we are being asked to CHOOSE, we can choose to make "public" optional, but in doing that we also GUARANTEE that the healthcare we get probably wont be affordable for most of us, in fact, my impression from Senate staff is that IF subsidies are available, they will go to the poor first, then parents of kids, then maybe the people who are over 55-60 who can't buy any new public insurance because of the cost and can't buy for profit insurance because their health issues make them unprofitable..

Which brings me to an unpleasant subject, one I hate to harp on, but I see again and again that people DONT GET THIS..

Sick people are unprofitable. People like me who have chronic health issues are unprofitable and no amount of health IT or "improved efficiency" is going to change that.

Any public plan is (I hope) going to be available to peope like me who can't buy private insurance.. (isn;t that part of the point!?)

BUT, the politicians are lying about something big.. They are saying that they can make the public option sustainable without subsidies..

The insurance companies are lying about something BIGGER.. They are saying they dont want public option (its actually their savior and the way they plan to kill universal healthcare once and for all) They are also lying when they say that they are at a disadvantage compared to public option, they are lying when they claim that public option has an unfair advantage..

They are laughing at all of us because its all so ridiculously obvious to anybody who knows even the smallest thing about insurance..

A public insurance plan has a huge disadvantage, financially speaking, in that it would presumably be hoped that it would accept the people who cannot get private insurance, the chronically ill and their families..

However, if they do do that, the first thing that will happen is that they will have to apply a different kind of pricing model, one which charges everybody slightly more.. pricing by one's community, or simply, pricing by age or pricing by some other criteria.. (the BEST would be what almost all other countrues do, SLIDING SCALE based on income.. If only we had a chance of that here in AMERICA, home of the obscenely, criminally expensive..in my dreams! )

No, what will probably happen is that we will get a public option that is fine tuned to not attract any profitable customers from insurers, so it will be too expensive, and the subsidies will be limited. For the medically indigent who find themselves in the hospital we may have an expanded medicaid loan program. Loans, not grants, not affordable insurance, loans, like student loans.. loans where the government goes after people for repayment)

But let me get back to the public option and why we should watch out..

If they use the non risk pricing model, then some right wingers will claim, as Obama did at the end of the campaign, thst THAT is "universal healthcare" SO, IF IT FAILS, we will be said to have TRIED UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE..

Public option will be extremely unprofitable, and will not get the subsidies it needs to even be affordable.. That will drive the healthy away and the sick will be all that is left in the plan, and they will need to have it. as its the only health isnurance they will be able to get.

The plan will bleed to death in something known in insurance circles as a "death spiral"
The right will gloat, decades will pass, millions will die for preventable causes, and America will become a nation of sick, poor people, ALL SO HEALTH AFFORDABILITY CAN BE OPTIONAL....

Single payer is the ONLY WAY THAT WORKS..

by architek 2009-05-24 05:34PM | 0 recs
&quot;LISTENING Tour&quot; is THIS CRAP for REAL?

Straight from the Orwellian mouth of PR LAND, we have the term "Listening Tour" - nothing could be farther from the truth, nothing more Doublespeak..

Do they really think that we wont look at the FACT that Obama and the Senate ISN'T LISTENING AT ALL..

I wish that Obama would "listen" TO WHAT AMERICANS NEED just like he has been "listening" LISTENING TO THE INSURANCE COMPANIES -

They have the money to be able to compromise, WE DON'T.

For them, its just a small sacrifice, for Americans, its LIFE AND DEATH..


What can we possibly do, they couldn't care less what is the truth-


by architek 2009-05-24 05:46PM | 0 recs
Re: &quot;LISTENING Tour&quot;

Frankly, the ones who are not listening are the ones who insist the entire country is clamoring for single payer.  Open Your Eyes!  They Aren't!

The Govt providing a solution, or universal health care, or providing care to everybody, IS NOT the same thing as support for single payer.

Single Payer IS NOT going to happen.  It is also not the only means to deliver health care to all citizens, as is seen in many European countries, including France.

Obama is listening to the people.  You aren't.

And for the record, I have a subsidized policy on a sliding scale in Oregon.  It works fine.  Some of the plans even have dental and optical.  Imagine how much better they'd work if they weren't administered by insurance companies.

by sandy 2009-05-25 10:38PM | 0 recs


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