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    Me too!  I'm near Broadway & Harrison.  Small world.

    I'm Gen X by most definitions; between the Boomers and the Millenials.  The latter really give me hope though.

    Jamie Pedersen got back to me right away.  Here's his reply:

    Dear Jon -

    Thanks for writing and for sharing your story.  I am very sorry to hear about what you have been going through, and that the state bureaucracy has been adding insult to injury.  If you continue to have problems with DSHS, please let me know if my office can help.

    I do want to dispel a couple of myths.  First, although it is true that the state can borrow (i.e. run a deficit), that is how we finance our capital budget - and there is a constitutional limit of 9% of our revenues.  We already have borrowed close to the maximum in past biennia, so with declining revenues in the upcoming biennium, we just don't have the capacity to borrow any significant amount of money to fund the operating budget.

    Second, we can't impose a 5% income tax on high earners without a constitutional amendment, which would require BOTH 2/3 majorities in the House and Senate AND majority support of the public.  Unfortunately, we are not anywhere close to either.  Happy to give you more detail if you would like.

    I wish you luck in your job search and hope that things turn around soon for you.

    Best wishes, Jamie

    Representative Jamie Pedersen
    43rd Legislative District
    Olympia Office
    JLOB 318
    P.O. Box 40600
    Olympia, WA 98504


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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR3eUjD6y 6o

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    this was to my state legislators about state issues.  the feds don't run food stamps and have no program called Basic Health.  and WA doesn't have a 43rd congressional district (yet ;).  Gov. Gregoire is a huge problem here.  Gary Locke did the same thing before her, but since when does a Democrat approach a tough budget situation by declaring all revenue increases off the table??  We have a $9 billion deficit (two-year) out of a budget of about $10-11 billion in discretionary spending.  We're looking at balancing the budget strictly on spending cuts, emaciating state government.  And WA is run by a Democratic Governor and a state House and Senate that are 65% Democratic.

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    damn, that's fucked up.  and these CEOs take 8-figure salaries that reward failure.  raise the minimum wage and there's a hue and cry about creating inflation, but funny how they never make that complaint about executive salaries!  I wonder why $7 an hour is inflationary but $7 million isn't.  we need some much steeper income tax brackets on multi-million dollar salaries.  50% and more.  is this in Seattle or elsewhere in the state?

    I should've been clearer, but this was to my state legislators; not the federal ones.  I live in the 43rd--Sen. Ed Murray, Speaker Chopp, and Rep. Jamie Pedersen.

  • I believe it was 1990 when the Reform Jewish movement decided to start doing same-sex weddings.

  • For this wonderfully comprehensive, informed, simply read and understood explanation of the ground situation in Iowa.

    And as for "some things are worth losing elections over"--AMEN!!!  Has the DLC gotten that memo yet?

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    Paul Krugman had possibly the best answer; centrism or moderation is not an ideology, it's a pose.  They had no philosophical reason why the stimulus was $100B too big.  Nor did they find spending they objected to which just happened to total $100B.  They merely wanted to throw their weight around, extract their pound of flesh just because they can.  Psychologists might call it "power assertion".  Obama could've (probably should've) just asked for a $1.4T stimulus at first and settled for $1.3T.  Closer to $2T if you compare to Bush's 2001 tax cut and index to inflation.

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    I joined the No Evan Bayh for VP group on Facebook.  Biden wasn't my first choice at the time, but I was mostly relieved it wasn't Bayh.  He sucks ass.

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    Bayh voted for the 2001 Bush tax cut.  In 2003, he voted for it after he voted against it (or maybe the other way around--he made it 50-50 so Cheney broke the tie).

    Bayh is a shameless, spineless opportunist who disgraces his father's great legacy.  The only principle he believes in is his own political advancement.  I've been trying to make that point for years.

  • This race is key to drawing a more Democratic map for the next decade.  Frank Wolf's huge 10th district is going to have to shrink.  If Democrats control the process, we can get the WV border territory out of it and focus it in the DC suburbs where Wolf could lose.  The VA GOV race is a must win.

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    depends who counts the votes.

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    So we shouldn't expect the corporate users of our airwaves to cover major news events unless they are asked to?

  • A cabinet post is a very tempting thing no matter whose administration it's in.  But you do have a point.

  • There's also the small matter of Judd Gregg being a very conservative Republican who agrees with the Administration on virtually nothing.

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    I disagree.  That's the corporate media's defense.  There's nothing inherently more superficial about Americans than Canadians, Brits, Germans, Italians, the French, Japanese, Israelis, Swedes, Danes, Australians, New Zealanders...

    It's about putting profit motive ahead of public interest.


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