Raise the Ant-Incumbent Chorus

Polls show that a majority of Americans are disatisfied with the performance of the President and Congress.  While Democrats are viewed more favorably, the opinions of the public are not overwhelmingly in favor of Democrats.  In essence, the Democrats are the lessor of two evils.  Any visit to your favorite blogs confirms the sentiment.  The progressive movement should play into this negative attitude the public has toward politicians and hammer a "throw the bums out" approach by voters this fall.

If every incumbent politician from both parties were to lose this November, the Democrats would have the majority in Congress.  Likewise, we would win in some of the critical states that haven't seen a Democratic governor as of late (CA, NY, MA, OH).  The risk in promoting a movement toward voting out all electeds in reality is minimal, since Democrats would benefit with high turnover.  At same time, there is the added reward that entrenched Democrat incumbants, who are the bain of the party (for instance, Joe Lieberman), would be thrown out of office.

Now, I think we can all agree that we all would prefer new leadership and are working diligently on campaigns to bring in new electeds.  The difference in this approach, though, is that people don't trust either party and may be willing to listen to neutral sources advocating pink slips for all of our electeds, rather than those who appear to have partisan interests.  To do this, we should invade the airwaves, editorials and online message boards with calls to throw the bums out in 2006.

The main talking point among activists should be an impassioned plea to bring in some new leadership to the Capitol and our state houses because the old ones are stained with corruption and are inept.  To justify this, we can look no further than the fact that the House will only convene 90 days this year while more and more Americans are seeking additional employment just to be able to pay their bills.

While I think the culture of corruption has a nice ring when criticizing Republicans, we must also be aware of the fact that, for many voters, they don't see the current batch of Dems as being all that great either.  Therefore, we must be cognizant of the weaknesses of our electeds and respond accordingly.  

If we can foster a stronger surge in anti-incumbent sentiments then I believe progressives and Democrats win.  It is about time that corrupt conservatives (whether there is a D or R next to their name) leave the halls of Congress so the business of the American public can be done.  

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Re: Raise the Ant-Incumbent Chorus

I agree.  Members of both parties need to be admonished.

I can think of Lieberman as one who is no longer a Democrat let alone a progressive.  The heat on him should be high.

I continue to work hard in my district NC 11 to dislodge taylor.  What a immoral and ethically challenged individual.

by willard landreth 2006-04-17 09:59AM | 0 recs


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