It's All Over But the Shouting

According to Big Tent Democrat at Talk Left, the Clinton campaign in it's conference call today conceded that the FL and MI were appropriately sanctioned under the rules and were not entitled to waivers for moving their primary dates up.  

According to BTD:

The Clinton campaign declared that, unlike Iowa, NH and South Carolina, Florida and Michigan did indeed break the DNC rules and without justification. The Clinton campaign expressly disagreed with the Michigan Democratic Party's contention that the DNC had selectively enforced its rules by allowing New Hampshire and South Carolina to break the sanctioned primary schedule, that Florida was not entitled to a safe harbor or waiver, and that the DNC had acted properly and within the rules when it stripped Florida and Michigan of its delegates.

BTD opines that this leaves the Clinton campaign only with the argument that there should be no penalty because of the impact of imposing penalties on the general election.

This lays the groundwork for the RBC to halve the FL and MI delegations, essentially guaranteeing Obama the nomination.  Having conceded this much, the Clinton campaign has abandoned any rationale for taking the nomination fight to the convention. 13333/0744

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Talking points vanishing one by one.

What's a front pager to do?

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