• public servants.

    They are worth over $100,000,000.

    They have profited handsomely by being in the public eye. Hillary is no martyr.

    As to entitlement: Hillary stated before she conceded on several occasions that Obama would be a much president than McCain. If Hillary no longer has the possibility of being president, what is to be gained by withholding your support from Obama?

    The winner of the party's nomination is "entitled" to the party's support. Are Hillary's supporters still members of the Democratic Party?


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    Liberals understand that the constitution was written to protect us from tyranny not terrorism and that in spite of 9/11 tyranny is the greater threat.

    Democrats are still the party of civil rights and Democracy.

    The only civil right the Republicans respect is the right to short sleeves, I mean bare arms, actually the right to bear arms.

  • he is not entitled to Clinton's support

    Of course he is, just as Hillary would be entitled to Obama's support if she had won.

    Obama is the Democratic Nominee.

    Hillary has endorsed Obama.

    His voting record and policies with the exception with vote to authorize the invasion of Iraq is nearly identical to HRC's.

    Withholding support from Obama now is sour grapes pure and simple.

    Who do you want to be the next president, Obama or McCain? It's that simple now.

  • Hillary finished second.

    She is not the nominee.

    She is out of the race for president in 2008.

    She will not be picking the VP. Obama will be picking the VP.

    She will not be advising Obama unless Obama asks her to.

    She will have no say in who is on his staff and in what compacity.

    If there is to be peace in Democratic Party then it is up to Clinton supporters to adjust to reality and the first reality is that second place in a nomination race entitles you to a "she ran one hell of a race" and nothing else. It does not entitle Hillary to a place on the ticket. Hillary will not be a co-president, or a co-candidate, and most likely she will not be the running mate. Sad but true.

    The Democratic Party has selected its leader.

    Build a bridge and get over it.

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    Nice to see which side you are on.

    Are you hoping for a McCain victory?

    What will do you to help McCain?

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    Hillary supporters are committed to the end and beyond.

    The vast majority of the power is in the hands of Obama. He is the party leader now and he will be until after the election in November if loses or until the end of his presidency if he wins.

    If Obama loses then Hillary can vie for party leadership against Howard Dean and others.

    Does Hillary have more influence now than before her presidential run, maybe.

    Does Hillary have more influence in the party now, certianly not. Obama has the decisive voice in the party because the party wants it that way. Because by supporting our nominee we make it more likely that a Democrat will take the white house.

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    or Marsha Blackburn, but Lieberman will do.

  • Would you like my list of things Hillary and her supporters did that turned me off?

    No, I didn't think you would, and honestly I am trying to forget right now, so it would help to recite it.

    The point is either Barack Obama is going to be the next president of the USA or John McCain is.

    Either we are going to be one party united and strong against McCain or we are going to be something less.

    So both sides need to build a bridge and get over it already.

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    Yes my love for Hillary is conditional.

    I love her because she is using her influence to draw the party together.

    I would not love her if I felt she was trying to divide the party.

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    The primaries are over. Obama has the majority of pledged delegates, Obama has the majority of super delegates. It is over.

    The only issue is will Hillary use here influence to divide the party or will she use it divide the party?

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    1. Obama does have the majority of delegates. He has the majority of pledged delegates and the majority of super delegates.
    According to MYDD's delegate count:
    2117 is the majority.
    2167 is what Obama has.
    If you look into that number more you will find that even if the Michigan and Florida delegations are seated as is with full votes, Obama would have the nomination.

    Maybe you haven't noticed but most in the party leadership are eager to have a nominee and unite. Now that the primaries are over that is what they are doing.

    2. If you knew your history or were trying to relate all of the relevant facts, you would have noted that in those days you needed 2/3s of the delegates to claim the nomination. You would also mentioned that they didn't have the primary system we have now. Because in 1932 the delegates were all free agents on all ballots, there was no way for anyone to claim the nomination. Not so with the current system. The pledged delegates are bound for the first two ballots and Obama has more than enough super delegates to carry him over the top.

    Had you studied FDR as a politician you would certainly know that FDR would have claimed the nomination as soon as he possibly could have.

    I would recommend:
    http://www.amazon.com/Defining-Moment-FD Rs-Hundred-Triumph/dp/0743246004/ref=sr_ 1_21?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1212809 048&sr=1-21

    3. Hillary does not have all of the time in world. The entire world acknowledges Obama as the Democratic Nominee. For Hillary to withhold here recognition of Obama's victory only makes her foolish.

    4. At this point in time the disposition of "Hillary's voters," is much more influenced by Hillary than Obama, and Hillary's theatrics Tuesday night makes many who either can not or will not adjust to the current political realities cling to the false hope that somehow Hillary will be the nominee.

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    That kid is cute.


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