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I had a long conversation with my old man the other day.  We were talking about how nowadays the GOP talks pretty openly about wanting to strike back the New Deal and how much they truly enjoy chipping away at liberal and progressive institutions.

The evidence shines brighter every year, especially in the one we just finished.

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Telegraph from RNC

Karl Rove is a brillant, relentless and clever political strategist.  He is not, in my opinion, a god.  Nor is he the devil.

One of the great tragedies of the democratic leadership in the last five years has been their inability to notice that Karl Rove, Evil Sith Lord, likes to telegraph his plans.

In the days after 9/11, many of us saw how Bush II was using the tragedy for political gain.
We saw him telegraph the Iraq war.
We saw him telegraph his attack on judges.
But many of our leaders didn't see.

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A creepy place

I drove past an odd little town in Central Florida the other day.  I had seen pictures of it before when our president visited it on the campaign trail last summer.  It's a town called "The Villages".  Sounds like the name of a town from some creepy 1980's John Carpenter horror movie...

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Democrats for stronger sex offender laws

This month, Jessica Lunsford was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a sex offender who was not being monitored closely enough by the state.  She was then buried in a backyard across the street from her distraught and heartbroken parents.

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Cable news rapes blogs

Any more of this and we will need to send mydd, Kos and others to a rape crisis center.

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My open letter to new DNC head Mr. Dean, pardon my language.

Dear Mr. Dean:

Though I openly supported Rosenberg (he reminds me of that quiet nerd in the back of the class that knew all sorts of dirt on everyone else), I eagerly await your leadership and I am interested to see what you can come up with.  I hereby pledge my person to work under your leadership in the greater good of crushing the facist cocksuckers who run my fed, my state.  As frustrating as it has been for the 49%, it is double-frustrating for us in Florida, as we are under the rule of Bush II and Bush III as well.  

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One more reason to fear BUSH III

Recently, the graying and wrinkly, yet plucky, Barbara Walters was given the P. Diddy treatment with a walk-through of the White House by King George and the Wife.  Possibly a payback for naming Rove most intriguing in 04, but either way, Bush II repeated the mantra that BUSH III is probably not going to seek the throne in 08.

There's more... (pardon my language)

If I had time to make a website, I would start

I would list what a fucking loser this dick was and I would list every ignorant and clueless campaign mistake he ever made. Just to serve as a reminder to all hard-working democrats across the country, that when you campaign like a blind, wounded kitten, you lose.

From stating last March how they wouldn't respond to negative ads from Bush, to ignoring the Swift-Boat 24/7 assault, to making a long-winded Senator seem EVEN MORE long-winded, this guy deserves his picture in the SackofShit Hall Of Fame.

A Cautionary website for all who think that by campaigning like it's 1940, you can win.  A website to remind everyone that hiring a guy 0-7, will only serve to make him 0-8.  And make you unelectable ever again.

And after that I would provide links to other good sites like this one,and perhaps an interesting similar site called

Pardon my language.
I feel much better now.

God Bless you all.

Building the Democrat Noise Machine

I was intrigued by a Chris Bowers diary about the need for a progressive noise machine.  And I believe that there is a solid foundation on the internet/radio/television/press for this to be built upon right now.

It's no secret that Bush II has been inspiring for dissenters among our side.  The trick is to try and connect them they way that other GOP media has been Limbaughtomized and Hannitized over the last ten years.

Given the historically unorganized structure of our party, one would think that this would be daunting, but I disagree.  I think our government democratic leaders are disorganized, but we are much more adept at linking together than they.

Compared to ten years ago, it is easier to identify progressive voices in the public media and I feel we have many more outlets than people believe we do.  From the growing Air America, to the internet, 527 groups, to your local newspaper editorial page, we must make our voices know in our local areas to help get our message out.

As we continue to resist GOP browbeating in the media and culture, we must also never let these progressive outlets feel we are taking them for granted.  Case in point:  Howard Stern may not have a broad national appeal, but he has an audience of millions and he pushed very hard for democratic causes this last year, even posting TRUTHOUT articles and other  such info on his website encouraging people to vote.  Last month, he publicly complained that not one single person even called him to thank him for supporting us.  Not even on the sly, off the air.
From Stern, to your local progressive groups, we can't take these people for granted.

So what can we do?  My suggestion is to focus not only on blogs, but on your own local media.  Take a few minutes a day to call local talk radio, write letters to the editor, show up at public meetings when you can, put up signs, protest GOP activities.  ANY little contribution will help.  Just do anything but be silent and still as our leadership has been too often.  And NOW is the time to be strengthening this plan, not waiting until primary season.

And to those who think that just a couple dozen voices can't have an effect, know that only a couple dozen people from a 'Focus on Family' group lobbied for and got a record fine against some pithy Fox reality show.

We are in a great position to build a formidable noise machine, and I am interested in hearing your suggestions about what people can do in their local towns to make this happen.

Even Miss Cleo could see Karl coming....

Over that last few weeks, many (including me) have offered a pithy four or five-point list on how we lost this election.  We all know Rove and Bushteam had a great strategy and a better execution.  But one thing no one really points to is that these guys consistently telegraph their strategies.  

From telegraphing the evangelical push (Rove publicly stated in 01 how they planned to gain 4 million new evan. votes) to exploiting 9/11 (Rove was using pictures of Bush on AF1 on 9/11 to use as a fundraising tool the week after the tragedy) these guys tip their hand so much Miss Cleo could predict their next move.  

Even their campaign was telegraphed to us.  Before Dean even rose to the top in Winter 03, Bushteam was announcing his theme of strength and before Kerry got the nom, Bush was spewing his mind-numbing STRONG LEADERSHIP slogan.

In the early summer, I remember reading about a book being published from some Vietnam vets slamming Kerry's service as invalid, yet they ignored it.

While Bushteam spanned the US expanding his base (as he said he'd do in early 02), Kerry couldn't bother with Arkansas much, or even Virginia.
And NOW we try to figure out what went wrong???
That's like bitching to high heaven about the school jock stealing your girlfriend, but you stood by quietly for months while he flirted with her!

The thesis of this point lies in a spring 04 article I read in Newsweek.  Mary Beth Campaignkill was in an article talking about how Kerry wouldn't go negative "because the people of this country wouldn't stand for that kind of campaign after 9/11."
And in the next paragraph, Newsweek was reporting on the new round of negative ads Bushteam was running the following week.

I recognize that political strategies use bluffing to confuse their opponents, but COME ON!  These guys consistently show their cards and then laugh at us when they play them and we lose.

Just today I read about a round of advertising for Social Insecurity Piratization these guys are planning.  And you KNOW a hispanic pro-life con is being groomed for SCOTUS.

So my question to you is, how prepared will we be the next time?


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