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    Well, I think they advance our cause in subtle ways, not overt.  And i'm glad they bag on Dems sometimes.  When they do, it's usually needed.

    But I can't tell you how many time I have read through a few informative blogs like ThinkProgress or this one, and then I turn on TDS and they are spewing a lot of the same under-the-radar info I just read that day.  And then I flip on CNN, MSNBC and see our elected officials totally clueless and unable to retort well, when if they had only done their homework they could do SO much better at fighting back.

    I think that's what I meant to write.

    As far as learning from Hollywood, my post below sums it up well.  Last weekend, Hollywood made my wife get very emotional and cry by showing her a fake monkey made from computers.  Now, if they can do that to one woman, they should be able to make a drip like Kerry or Bayh into a rock star.

    btw, I read last fall that Bayh had actually hired some Hollywood speech coaches to buff up his public speaking.  Good for him, if true.

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    Meanwhile, REPUBLICAN John McCain gets his life story made into a gauzy TV movie, he parties at Rock The Vote's anniversary, appears frequently on MTV during election seasons, and has been reported to be seeking to hire all of Bush/Cheney 04's media and PR masters to work on his campaign.

    This REPUBLICAN knows the value that having a good image can bring, especially to mask the far-right votes and views he holds from all the nut-sucking liberals who just think this guy is the greatest thing since Lindsey Graham.

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    What an excellent post and important topic!

    Last weekend, my wife went to see a major product from Hollywood, and she left the theater feeling very, very sad and crying for a computer-generated monkey.  Now, I'm not a smart man, but I think you are on to something here.  If Hollywood can make me gasp in excitement over a fake monkey clobbering three imaginary Tyrannosaurus Rexes, then they should be able to take even a Herman-Munster looking guy like Kerry and make him seem like a valiant, fearless leader.

    More posts by Hollywood Nick please.

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    TDS consistently does a better job of advancing Democratic messages than The Democratic Party.  This is because of bad spokepeople in the party on TV, mostly.

    When "King Kong" has its pressers and talk show circuit runs, do they send out the personality-free Key Grip to go on Letterman?  Does the dorky Sound Editor get to sit in a hotel and give interviews?

    Fuck no they don't.

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    In April of 2004, REPUBLICAN John McCain was treated tot he same secret briefing on the Abu Ghraib tapes and poictures we haven't seen.  He, along with every other senator, got to view the tapes of boys being raped and other photos not yet released.

    And this must have touched the man who was himself tortured.  

    And yet, without principles, he campaigned like a leech for BUSH, the man whose policy created that mess and failed to fix it even after that spring.  REPUBLICAN McCain KNEW Bush's incompetence led to torture and murder, and yet, he wanted to keep him in power.

    I'm sorry, but I don't buy his whole anti-torture schtick now.  Why didn't he stand up when it counted???

  • Yes, in Bizzarro MSM World, MODERATE John McCain appears the hero for getting the Bush team to buckle and cave on torture.

    YET, just slap on your super-secret Reality Goggles and you will see that the opposite seems true:  REPUBLICAN John McCain caved into Bush demands that there be torture appeals and possible exemptions for CIA officers who basically just have to say that they THOUGHT they were acting within the law.  A very representative stance of the murky REPUBLICAN McCain, as the fence-sitting bill represents his passive-aggressive personality.

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    I think he threw a crumb or two from his millions of unfuckingspent campaing 04 cash to help with that recount, but really, that doesn't absolve the man of monumental unproductiveness.

    Kerry will always be that one foot in, one foot out, hokey-pokey frustrating candidate. I don't read his email he sends me, or any other pol's for that matter (I am the choir, I keep up on current events and I don't need convincing).  My hope is that the next couple of elections help grow and harvest a new generation of straight-talking, gutsy and bold Democratic leaders who will take Kerry's place on all the talk shows once he retires.

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    That recent "I don't care" diary really hit it on the head for Russ.  It's that type of gutsy attitude that regular folks find refreshing in a politician.  That type of attitude could help him overcome a lot of obstacles he'd have, but I really am liking that guy.  He obviously has principles and isn't afraid to stand up for what he thinks is right even when (John Roberts) his party base doesn't agree with him.
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    that Colin Powell exhibits a massive display of Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder, but is only topped in this arena by REPUBLICAN John McCain.

    Watch him come out against ID in the next year or so.  When one really takes a look at this REPUBLICAN McCain, he has more flip-flops than your local IHOP grill, and more backtracks than any other poltician I can think of, though Rick Santorum seems to wanna give him a run in that area lately.

    Please keep posting these informative articles about REPUBLICAN John McCain.  He has referred to the media as "his base" and it will be interesting to see if and when they turn on him due to an influx of these types of diaries and articles all over blogland and elsewhere.

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    Honeslty there is no perfect candidate, but we really need a leader in the WH who is actually interested in growing our party and shrinking theirs.
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    with recent Edwards behavior, but I am open to being swayed by others.
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    And what happened this month?  They kicked Diebold the fuck out!  Though they might appeal and fight to stay, this is progress.

    The day the county commission had to vote on whether to keep diebold, the super, fist-wieldingly progressive local paper The Daytona Beach NewsJournal led with a blazing headline about machines "being hacked".  Coincidence? No fucking way.

  • It's not that hard to get an ID.  I strongly diasagree with that obviously divisive Georgia law. It's a crock of shit.  But I help all sorts of folks get ID's in my work life every week.  It's not that hard to get on a bus and get an ID, unless you were born five states away and have trouble getting a copy of a birth certificate.  As for a SS card, it's as easy as mailing the form off and then going to the SS office to get an official printout that says what your # is until you recieve the card.

    I reject the whole "I can't get to the driver's license office" arguement.  If you can catch a bus to buy groceries, meds, clothes, etc, you can find a way to the ID place.  And for a last resort, just calling up the local DEm party HQ to ask for someone to take you to get one, I mean, shit, I would drive any DEm voter to get one if it meant another vote for our side.

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    Both have a strong media presence.
    Both are respected by their party elites.
    Both would also, I think, share the same electoral fate if they managed to get nominated.  Condi would be trumpeted as a republican salvo during the election, but once voters got into that quiet, reflective place called the voting booth, like Hillary, she would be dropped like a hot potato.  Most people, I imagine from what I have heard from my family this season, would say they're all for either woman, but would turn on them when it came time to actually go on a limb and cast the ballot.

    Of course the big difference between them is that Hillary actually has a decent shot at the nomination.  Let's be honest here:  There is no way in hell the republican party of the 2000s is going to nominate Condi Rice.  I know lots of die hard republicans and there is just no friggin way.  And if you have to ask why then you need to pay more attention to your neighbors.

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    Best Christmas movie?  That's easy.
    "Christmas Vacation".  Not even close.

    Mornin'!  Shitter's full!


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