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    No one mentions this much, but you gotta think they got something good and hard on Pelosi, or several of her allies on the hill.  

    If she isn't afraid of them filing valid ethics complaints against her & her allies, then why still enforce the truce?  

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    That'd make a good slogan for something.

    Most netroots people I know are fairly center-leftish.  My favorite thing that Kos guy ever said was when he talked about being a reform democrat who is practical, not far-left at all.
    That's pretty much most of the dems I know.

  • because it is so rare to find in the media, I fell like I have been given a treat, like I came home from a hard day and my wife is standing naked in the kitched holding a hot fudge sundae for me.

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    Almost 3 years ago, I was talking with my secretary, a Vietnam vet named Joe, about the fact that we just lost the war.

    He said he thought the same thing when, the night before, he too saw the second consecutive day of Iraqi looting footage on TV.  

    Neither of us could understand why the pentagon would let looting just go on like that.  Soon after that, Herr Rumzfelld threw up his hands when asked about looting and said "Democracy is messy."

    I agree.  It is a fucking mess.

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    Someone needs to start a website devoted to McCain's real record that cuts through his moderate image.

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    The motives for this timing are crystal clear, but really, even if it passed, it would never pass muster legally.

    So, I pay 13 bucks a month for satellite radio, and about 100 for cable/internet and so, I'll be PAYING them to censor me and the products I have to PAY to have access to?

    I understand the pander-factor in this perrenial bill, but whoever votes for such a thing is still a dick to me, as I belong to the LMTFA wing of the Democratic Party.  As in Leave Me The Fuck Alone.

  • and it will pale in comparison to the earth-shattering Conyers-aide-babysitting scandal that is gonna cause earthquakes in the heartland.

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    Will be hard to beat Jeb! when he does run eventually.  And he will.

    He's smarter that big brother and speaks spanish and for a Bush, he can actually fake empathy really well.  But his wife makes Teresa Heinz look like Betty Crocker.  She's a mess.

    But again, we'd be hard-pressed to beat him.  Especially with the current primary frontrunner we have.

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    If I believe in my president's cause, I mean deeeply and passionately believe in it, I will stand by him no matter the setback or the poll numbers.

    It was always obvious that Bush's ferverous supporters would never have the guts or the balls to stick it out with this war.  
    This was proven about last year when his poll numbers started dropping on bad Iraq news and local republicans around here just gave up on the guy like the chickenshits they are.

    History will show that the loudest supporters of this war never had the spine to stick it out.

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    Thomas Franks book made me want to jump in the bath and slit my wrists.
    I read that he is writing a "What's the Matter with Liberals"-ish book.  Great.  Just what the party needs, more wrist-slittingly depressive self-loathing from public figures.
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    That chapter was truly great!  Fire the consultants and Bob "0-8" Shrum!  I was concerned that the book overall would be all problem and no solution, but for every screw-up of the party you listed, if not specific fixes are proposed, you at least attempted to grab the head of the donkey and point it in the proper direction which was cool.

    I knew I would enjoy it when you opened it up with that great quote from the Santorum political rally.

    The people at PLAN and a few other places seem to be beginning to try and put together and push a grand progressive vision for the country.  That you addressed the need for this (and not just a list of policy agendas, etc.) was truly great and needed.

    My favorite parts of the book were where you proposed repeatedly that it is not sufficient to play defense and win.  We have to take on republican institutions of power, not just match their strength but trump them.  With an aggressive, hopeful & grand progressive vision to guide the party, we can take the fight to their homefield.  

    Also enjoyed you calling out the interest groups fighting in 2006 like it was still 1983.
    But you did it in a constructive way.

  • If there is a reason why most people feel the Democrats in DC have no ideas and no message, let me tell you it isn't because the RNC taught them that.  It's because Democrats in DC keep repeating over and over that they have no message and no ideas.

    I love your qoute about the mythical Dem leader.

    If there is a lack of leadership in that town, it is only because our leaders refuse to lead.

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    REPUBLICAN McCain ----- Textbook Passive Aggresive Personality Disorder

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    How does this play for Peolosi?

    I am unfamiliar with the situation other than to Satate I have read Pelosi and Hoyer bumped heads and put their beef in the street, so to speak...


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